Wednesday, June 01, 2005

TOW the Lunch Box

When I recovered from chicken pox a few months back, my mom suggested I take lunch from home for sometime atleast(Yeah I am a reasonably good cook). And the obedient child that I am, I made a nutritive meal of rice, greens and bhindi, packed in it the lunch box that I had stolen from my sister when I was in Madras and trotted off to work. During lunch everyone went gaga over the fact that I had actually cooked all this by myself and in the morning. My head was literally bursting with pride and I resolved to do it everyday if only to prove a point. That evening I left early (since I was convalescing and all!) and after going 6 floors down and walking a few yards I realised that my lunch box was left behind. Up I went again and brought it back and felt very smart for remembering. Then I shopped at Food World (for next day's lunch), made a call at a STD booth(it was my days of prepaid) and then autoed home. And realised that I had left my beloved lunch box (feels wierd to keep saying that, like some pre school kid or something) in one of those places.

So the next time I went to Madras I hunted for a Tupperware agent and bought a sleek lunch box for a ridiculous amount of money. And after coming to Hyderabad I left it in a relative's place where I landed for breakfast the morning I reached. I managed to get it back later though. It slept at home for a while after that since I completely forgot about its existence. I found it while cleaning up the kitchen this weekend and I resolved to re-attempt cooking-and-taking-lunch. And I woke up early, made roti and dal and packed it in - everything perfect, except during lunch time I forgot that I had brought lunch. Eeeessh! My resolve was more strengthened by this fiasco and yesterday I made lunch took and ate it. Mission accomplished but I forgot to take my box home.

I have decided not to fight providence any more. If I manage to take my lunch box(7th time I am using "lunch box" in this post - ooops I did it again! :-) ) safely today and dump it in my kitchen, I will leave out cooking for dinners and weekends and eat the grub that's served in our cafeteria. Wish me luck!


Subs said...

ha ha ha ..
this one was good !

i pity that lunch box ..
.. its like this in tamizh
" andha lunch box ku vai irundha azhum "
ha ha ..

hey - but cooking stuff and taking it for lunch is cool di ..
ne kalaku .. ;-)

btw - i finished reading all ur blogs and i am upto date rt now ..

Kaarthik said...

You might want to rename your blog "My experiments with truth".


janani said...

@subs - i really hope i take it home properly today! :-)

@kaarthik - it is the truth and nothing but the truth!!!!!

Mukund said...

One small observation ... on all the occasions you missed/misplaced/forgot your "beloved" lunch box was always EMPTY. This kind of gives me a feeling that when it is FULL you remember it more than anything else in this world :) and never miss it.

oh .... I think u missed it once (only once that is the key here) when it was full ... but anyway it happen'd only once

janani said...

@mukund - one day you try getting up early, cut vegetables and do the 101 things that you need to do before you start cooking, then cook, wait for it to cool and then pack it - and then we will see if you forget it anywhere! :-)

Mukund said...

OK ... OK .. agreed you are a good & responsible cook. Congratulations ... keep the good work going ... and let it continue for long ...... may one day I'll join you for lunch .... and on that day ... don't tell me that u forgot to ur lunchbox :)

Sagnik Nandy said...

very sweet :)

janani said...

@mukund - ahhh you've lost the opportunity to try my cooking 'coz of ur comments made the last time you came for lunch! :-) anyways since i am a good cousin, i'll take the high road, and so yes you can join me for lunch! :-)

@sagnik - thank u :-)

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