Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little Things of Life

that makes me feel happy

1) Getting the green light at 4 intersections in a row

2) The tiny speaker that S bought me so that I can listen to songs on my ipod without headphones

3) Frozen custard at Goodberry's. Mmmmm

4) Catching the comedy show on Aahaa FM at nights

5) Discovering the new address of one my favorite bloggers whom I had lost track of and reading all her posts that I had missed in one go

6) Watching Ramany vs Ramany on

In difficult times, it always nice to make such a list! I recommend this exercise to everyone who is even mildly depressed or not in love with life

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


“Yeah honey, I am on my way home from the bank. The lines were more than a mile long. Can't wait to get back home babes.” Smrithi frowned and raised her voice on the phone, “Abhi, how many times have I told you not to call while driving? I am worried about you da.” She mellowed on receipt of the ensuing silence “No da chellam, it's just that I keep reading about these accidents, especially on the freeway. You know I love you don't you?. Sweetie pie, I am sorry I screamed at you.” It was Abhishek's turn now “Baby, I am sorry too. I know that you said that because you care.” They disconnected the phone with mutual I-love-you-s.

Smrithi went back to her Google Reader and continued reading comments on her new blog post. Another tab was open simultaneously where she was googling for tips on switching to Wordpress.

“Vasu, have you kept the dhoti and towel aside to wear to the temple tomorrow?”, Ramanujam intoned. “Eduthu vechuten naa*, I have washed and have let them dry separately on the terrace. And Geetha had come by today, it seems her brother's daughter has given birth to a son. We should go and see the baby next week. Also we should book tickets to Kancheepuram for the Utsavam. We should ask if your sister and her aathukarar** want to come with us. We don't want them to complain like last year.” Vasu droned on, all the while cutting vegetables for the night's dinner. “Ayyoo, I forgot totally about tickets. I have to book soon, else we have to travel in the General Compartment. You think of everything di.” Ramanujam smiled, and then added softly as an after thought, “Kannamma.”

Vasudha smiled and hummed all the time while making kootu***. Some how the pressure cooker's refusal to give a whistle didn't bother her as much today. She decided to serve curd tonight instead of buttermilk and didn't worry about having enough for tomorrow. After all some days are more special than others.

* - I have kept it aside

** - Husband

*** - A vegetable and lentil preparation