Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Life Is

a string of sitcom reruns! You that's what my life is reduced to now. H feels that being married means I should go from one adventure to the next. My biggest adventure these days is meal planing - "Should I make pasta for dinner? But the bag of beans has been sitting in the fridge for a week now. Maybe I should cut it and freeze it. That way I can cook it another day. Well, if I am going to cut it, might as well cook it. Ok then sambar and beans karamadu tonight"

But I don't want this to be a rant post - summer is finally here! Paying an extra $15 a month for a woods view from my apartment is finally paying off. I wake up to seeing lush green tree tops against the bright blue sky. The view from the patio is awesome and it feels like I am living in a forest. I want to have some pretty flowers in the patio - so if one of the few people reading my blog is a gardner, can you tell me which ones would do well? Husband dear wants to grow tomatoes. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated too

I have also bought a Sega Genesis and a Nintendo NES and I finally have a vintage game system put together. The guy who sold the Genesis gave me his entire set of games - about 20. So far I've played just Sonic the Hedgehog though. The NES takes me back ages. H and I used to spend hours playing Super Mario, Dr Mario and the such. And I used to read Archies comics a lot then. I used to see ads for Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega systems and somehow I used to burn with a desire to play them. So it feels oddly satisfying to play them now :-) Also I now can kick anyone's ass in Mario Kart Wii woo hoo! :-)

I was waiting for everything to be perfect before being happy. But life never is perfect. So I have started enjoying all the simple pleasures - one sitcom at a time :-)