Tuesday, July 20, 2010


To People Who Ask Me Why I am Not Active on FB

1) I don't care about what's on your mind right now

2) I have already seen the cheesy youtube videos that you post

3) It's practically a punishment for me to look at 100 pics of your last vacation.

4) I don't want to look at pictures of your baby doing all sorts of things (unless it is my nephew A - seriously he is the cutest baby I've ever seen) If I thought babies were cute, I would have one of my own.

5) I have no interest in Mafia Wars, Farmvile or any other Loserville games

6) In the same vein, I don't care about any quiz you take and have no interest in know which Friends character I am like, or how well I know Vinnaithandi Varuvaya.

7) If I don't care enough to email you/ call you/IM you, it means I have no interest in your life whatsoever. And similarly if you had any interest at all in me, you would contact me in some way apart from liking my comments

8) On a more specific note, husband liking their wife's mindless FB update (and vice versa) is puke inducing. If S ever likes my comment of "Happy diwali/Karthigai/Pongal/.." I will kill him and then kill myself.

9) And what's with using a picture of you with your wife/gf as a profile pic. I know you are proud that you finally found some woman and managed to convince her to marry you. Are you so lame that you want to brag to the whole world that you finally got a woman?

10) If you are busy and post that on FB, I really wonder how busy you really are.

11) Most importantly, I have a life and have more important uses of my time. To quote Betty White in SNL "I would never say the people on it (FaceBook) are losers. But that’s only because I’m polite."

PS. Take this with a grain of salt everyone, I don't want a mob of torch wielding villagers picketing outside my apartment. This is just my pathetic attempt at humor - so humor me and get along with your lives . Also, I am just a little bit jealous that a hundred people comment on some guy's post about how he went out for coffee, but no-one reads or comments on the lovely, quality writing on my blog! :-)

PPS. To any family reading this blog, will send the West Virginia pics and video soon. If anyone is else is wondering about the WV post, oh who am I kidding! :-)