Thursday, October 26, 2006

Of Trains Missed and Lovable Airlines

6:00 p.m from Hyderabad station and 6:30 p.m from Secunderabad, and of course the idiot that I am, I try to spend 15 mins extra at work and try to catch the train at Sec'bad. And then the realization that I forgot to pack my charger and so I chose to leave earlier, pick that up (nobody at home uses Moto phones) and then catch the train. And then disaster struck in the form of traffic. S.P Road is really one of the worst when it comes to this. I prayed and hoped and egged the driver on and reached the station 10 mins after the train left. Thankfully I found a Paramount ticket for the next day morning (thanks S) and so managed to spend Diwali at home.

I can't stop raving about Paramount Airlines. This is the second time I am flying them and they only seem to improve with time. They actually have people waiting at the gate to carry luggage inside for Paramount customers. There's access to a pretty comfortable lounge and people escort you to and from it too. The seats were very comfortable with just window and aisle on both sides. And the food they serve is actually edible and I managed to eat most of it. The fare is very reasonable - just 500 more than the budget ones. I haven't flown Kingfisher, but Paramount was definitely a better experience than Jet Airways despite the obvious difference in the fare

* Yes its a new post, you are not seeing things :-)

** I am not going to promise to write regularly. But then I intend to.

*** This post is intentionally short and uninteresting. Baby steps :-)