Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tweets With Deets

Since I don't seem to be able to blog regularly, but am able to tweet somewhat regularly, here is a smattering of my tweets, with added context to them.

So this was on the bus on my way to work. I had a book in my bag, but the bus was crowded and I didn't get a seat. I was most jealous of these people who were able to read while standing. Old and astute readers of this blog might remember that I did buy a kindle earlier and I had to admit I loved it. But I read a few books that I loved on the kindle and I felt sad I didn't own them. If we are being honest, I can admit that I won't reread 95% of the books I own (the exception being Wodehouse, of course), but I do dream of passing on my books to my children. Passing on a kindle or an amazon account, doesn't sound very nice.  

These tweets were also on the same day, right after the previous one and are pretty self explanatory. While I love kayaking, I can count the number of times I've kayaked on my fingers. Mostly that is because I am lazy, but some part of this is also because of my pathetic swimming skills. S and I went on a guided sea kayak tour at the San Juan islands and our kayak almost capsized, because someone got us too close to a rock, because they were looking at eagles. That put a fear of kayaking in me and while I have good intentions of bettering my swimming skills, I have done squat to achieve that goal. 

S and I typically don't exchange gifts for Valentine's Day. He sends me flowers if he is not in town though, which is sweet. But he surprised me this year with an awesome and thoughtful gift. I have gotten into using fountain pens over the last year and the Vanishing Point pen has been on my list for a while now. This pen is very cool because it can retract like a ballpoint pen. It also writes like a dream. S was coming down with a cold that day, so we decided to stay in and get take out. We watched "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou", followed by "The Grand Budapest Hotel". The Grand Budapest is one of my favorite movies and I am glad that S got to watch it with me. 

I love our neighborhood. It is very walkable and offers something for everyone. On one of our walks, we discovered that a former teriyaki place had new owners. We walked in without knowing anything about the restaurant and were pleasantly surprised. It was a Korean place, called BlueStone. I have only had Korean food once before (in Middleton, WI) and the waiter there was very frustrated about me being vegetarian. But BlueStone had amazing options  for vegetarians. I ordered the Bibimbap, with tofu, which was rice and sauteed vegetables and their amazing homemade gochujang sauce. It was served in a hot stone bowl, which toasted the rice and improved the taste. The owners (a charming couple) are very nice too and explained everything so well. We were there again yesterday and the wife sent us home with extra sauce because we complimented it. 

And that is all for today's edition of tweets with deets.