Sunday, May 28, 2006


* I hate it that all incoming calls are charged

* I hate it for the the different timezones (I woke up my Manni and cousin at 6 on a Sunday morning 'coz I messed up timezones)

* I hate it that thamizh movies are released there but not in Hyderabad

* I hate the fact that though it is easy to send birthday cakes from US to India, it is close to impossible to accomplish the opposite

* I hate the Americans' inability to understand my English


P.S - Seriously I have bigger and better grouses against USA and some NRIs. But that shall wait until suitable time

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yes, It's Me

No, your eyes are not playing a trick. The cobwebs are off and here's a shiny new post. :-)

First things first, Happy Birthday S! Hope you have a blast today!

Since my creative juices are all dried out and this is going to be another the story of my life kinda post.

I suppose I could tell you about this thing that happened that restored my faith back in humanity. I went to this petrol station on my way back home, filled my tank up and then realised my wallet was back in office. Tears threatened to come rushing out and I was wondering which vetti guy to call to make him get my wallet. Apparently my show of histronics talked volumes and the guy there realised I had no money. And immediatly he asked me not worry and come and pay the next day. Relief flooded over my being and I rushed back to office. And I found my wallet on my desk and I sped back to pay my debt. The guy was very sweet again and remarked that I could have come over the next day as it was getting late. And so my gentle readers, it shows that trust and faith still exist in this world. :-)

So I am testing waters now with this small post. And if things go on well, I will be back with a bigger post tomorrow. :-) So long.