Sunday, May 28, 2006


* I hate it that all incoming calls are charged

* I hate it for the the different timezones (I woke up my Manni and cousin at 6 on a Sunday morning 'coz I messed up timezones)

* I hate it that thamizh movies are released there but not in Hyderabad

* I hate the fact that though it is easy to send birthday cakes from US to India, it is close to impossible to accomplish the opposite

* I hate the Americans' inability to understand my English


P.S - Seriously I have bigger and better grouses against USA and some NRIs. But that shall wait until suitable time


Anonymous said...

No comments yet? :-)

You are cute when you rant too. ;-)

Manju said...

who d heck thinks ur cute???
dumb ass!!!


Its like tellin' Abhivid is a masterpiece...

Jinguchakka said...

You speak of different time zones. Even within a time zone, they change the time twice a year, calling it Daylight Saving Time!

They find it difficult to understand our English because, since it is not our mother tongue, our brain thinks in our mother tongue, translates it and releases it in a burst (it all happens fast). So in general, Indians' rate of words per min is higher than Americans/English. I find it difficult to understand them because of the way they pronounce.

Charging Incoming calls!! Real pain. And I am fully qualified and victimised to say that. :-(

When is "Vettayaadu Vilayaadu" getting released? I'll see it and send you my review. :-)

sandeep said...

yea....these things are a real pain.esp point 3!even i hate US for these reasons(only these!)

janani said...

@AnonyMouse - How come you aren't so cute then??

@manju - Abhivid is a materpice - esp the name ;-)

@jinguchakka - NRI boy, you shouldn't be having any grouses. :-) As for VV, I will definitely go to Chennai and watch it before you do. :-)

@sandeep - Point 3?? Why should you bother dude, you are not from Hyd! :-)
And yeah I know how much you like Tampa :-)

Anonymous said...

Hate is a very strong word, use it wisely

harini said...

u hate america??? hmmmm!
only now can i truly understand the quote 'change is the only thing that's constant'

Jinguchakka said...

Why shouldn't I be having any grouses? The mobile company is bleeding me to death! :-((
You are nitpicking about a paltry 4000 rupees for a cake to be delivered here. Don't blame anybody for that. :-) Paltry for you, not me, OK? ;-))
Next time you go to Chennai, mail me some photos of the city, will ya? Plzzzzzzzz...

sundar said...

hey janani, what happened you no longer blog regularly.

janani said...

@anon - C'mon, I am just jesting here.

@H - Hmmm, sarcasm huh??

@jinguchakka - Shshshsh! That is supposed to be a secret. :-) Ok baba, you have the right to complain, poduma? :-)

@sundar - Shiny new post ahead. :-)

Awan said...

I think America and it symphatizer is idiot. Fuck u America

Vinod R Iyer said...

Welcome to the club :)

Anonymous said...

If you hate a country for some reason then don't about it. Live happy where u are. America (politics) and Americans (people) are both different. Wonder you hate your own people who live in america. hmmm Hate is a word when you totally dislike. Just say if you hate India. Ther you go.