Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's One of Those Days ...

* When things that were going right take a left turn

* When it is appraisal time and a tiny fear nags you inside

* When you take pains to get your one of your contact lenses replaced and blog about it and your other lens plays truant now

* When your bike keeps making "kch kch kch" noises

* When you just can't get CVS to work with Eclipse

But who cares, I am going home tomorrow! :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


After a month long hiatus. No accident this time though - just work that has played a spoil sport! I haven't wished you all for Christmas, didn't ask about your New Year partaay, nor raved about my new mobile that I absolutely looooorve or talked about how I had a week of fun when sistah dear was in town or even our very boring office party. I guess this post is going to be random bits of blogabble things that happened over a month ago.

Blog Thing #1 - King Kong. I saw that movie with H and M and our only motive for choosing that movie was 'coz we wanted to watch a night show and this was the only non Telugu movie in the multiplex. And I was actually entertained by the movie! I am not a sucker for these Jurrasic Park n Anaconda kinda movies, but this movie was better than most in it's genre. Carl Denham was undoubtably the best played character in the movie. His wit and passion carries the movie forward. The huge gorilla is lovable and does everything to make the audience scream, smile and go "awwww" at all the right places. Naomi Watts is charming as usual. And I have just one word for Naomi's love interest in the movie - constipated! The director is determined to give us value for our ticket money and in the 3 hours of the movie we get to see a little bit Jurassic Park, wild savages who appear and disappear suddenly, wild beasts of yore that attack in unimaginable ways and even a little bit of Titanic. Many parts of the movie reminded me so much of our own thamizh/hindi hit movies and in the scene where Kong battles 3 dinosaurs he almost puts Rajinikanth to shame. Thamizh directors - this movie is a must watch for you guys. How can I forget the "punch" dialogue at the end of the movie "It was beauty that killed the beast" - I was laughing all the way home from the theatre. All said, this movie is worth a watch certainly.

I also wanted to blog about these Lawrence and Mayo guys. I had bought my contact lenses from them about 2 months ago and one fine day I discover that my left lens had become frayed in one corner and it started hurting my eye. I paid quite a bit of money for them, being toric lenses and all and I had been assured that they would last for a minimum of eight months. I decided to do something about this and stepped into their showroom gearing myself up for an unpleasant argument. As soon as I reported my problem, I was given the stock response about how I could have torn them by mistake and how this doesn't seem like a manufacturing defect and so on. When I explained and persisted that this couldn't have been my fault, the salesman surprisingly didn't argue and instead asked me to give my lens along with a letter stating my problem. He then asked me for 2 weeks time and without making any promises he just said he would try his best. And bang on 16th day I get a call from them saying I could pick up my replacement lens. This is by far the most pleasant experience I have ever had while reporting any problem and getting it fixed. I was expecting them to refuse to do anything about the lens since 2 months has elapsed and I was mentally prepared to get myself another pair. Not only was I replaced with a good pair, but the manner of the staff was very courteous and very polite. This is one satisfied customer who is going come back in the future. I wish Airtel Customer Care could take a leaf out of their book. And here is a lesson to be learnt for all of us - when something doesn't work right, it never hurts to try and return it.

Lots more things to blog about, but this post is getting too long. So another day another post (hopefully sooner than a month :-) )