Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Feature - Tiny Stories

I have decided to have a feature that will run every Monday. I am calling it a Tiny Story, because it's much much shorter than a short story. I am not calling it a 55 word story, because I don't want to be restricted by any word count. It could be as small as a tweet or sometimes a paragraph. I am not hoping to make a big impact with these - I just hope you will like them enough to check them out every Monday. As as I was telling a fellow blogger, the audience is a huge part of a (my) blog and I have driven mine away by extended periods of silence. Am hoping this might bring a few of them back. :-) Keep reading!

** Watch this space on Thursday for a new feature **

The New Bride

The ends of her nails have an orange tinge on them, the vestiges of wedding mehendi. She wiped the sweat off her forehead without a glance at her unmanicured nails and continued cooking for the large family she had married into.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Growing up in Madras

1) Cartoon Network, which would turn to TNT in the nights - Speed Racer, Johnny Quest, Precious Pup, Johnny Bravo ...

2) Johnny Sokko and the Giant Robot

3) Small Wonder, The Wonder Years - best shows ever

4) Shrimati Ma'am and Shrinivasan Sir tuitions

5) Pizza was an exquisite, gourmet dish

6) Shopping in Bata for new school bag, shoes and socks before school reopenings

7) Hershey's Kisses were one of the best chocolates ever since it came from America.

8) Tv Video games - Super Mario, Duck Hunt

9) Bourbon, Jim Jam and other "cream" biscuits

10) Watching movies on VCR (deck)

11) Going to the library to get story books
(Side note: I know many parents now who complain that their kids don't read. But I remember almost everyone in my class loved reading books. The problem was you were allowed only one book per week from the school library and that would be read in 2 days.)

12) Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Archies, Tintin, Asterix, Enid Blyton, Chacha Chouwdry

13) Birthday parties which usually had cake baked at home, chips and Rasna. And most gifts received were pen sets and sketch pens

13) Bournvita Quiz contest was one of the coolest shows

14) WWF card obsession

15) Playing Trade(Monopoly), Life, Scotland Yard, UNO

16) Hero pens, Bril ink vs Chelpark ink

17) Running and catching, Lock and Key, Ice Boy, Four Corners, King

18) Saravana Bhavan sambar vadai

19) Big Babool and Boomer gum

20) Contessa and Premier Padmini were the cool cars.

Can the gentle readers add more?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


She took a shower
Threw on a green shawl
And leaned further onto her fiery lover.