Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Totally Uncool Things

that I see people around me doing and which you shouldn't be doing if you wanna be in my good books. ;-)

* Fill bottles of water from work to take home. For God's sake you all are software engineers, drawing the highest salaries in the land!
* Owning a cool cool bike like Pulsar and actually fixing a kind of hook on the side to hang your lunch dabba! Carrying a dabba to work is bad enough and you actually defile a great bike for that?
* Giggle during a team meeting. Oh my God, please don't do that - a meeting is hard enough to endure without having someone giggle when you are thrashing out an idea. And while at it, please stop asking irrelevant see-how-smart-i-am questions. And don't ever ever speak for me . Thank you
* Wear plastic footwear to work! "Plastic" - no more explanation for this one.
This list shall be updated ...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A One Night Read

And the verdict is disappointing. Chetan Bhagat's second book hardly lives upto the expectations of the first. The story deals with six people who work in a call centre. All their lives magically leap to definitive misery on the same night. That's when a phone call changes their lives.

Bhagat's USP which made FPS a runaway success, was his free flowing narrative. Sadly in ONCC, the flow stretches like well chewed gum in the first part of the book. And the characters seem to be too cliched for my taste. And I don't understand why he has almost panned working in a call centre. Whatever happened to dignity of labor and so forth! The "God" factor that was attempted was cheesy to say the least. The ending seemed to be almost a rip off of Yann Martel's Life of Pi(which wasn't very good too btw!) And since his first book is being made into a movie, I guess he has decided to write a screenplay directly as his second book - complete with the Bollywoodish action climax, lots of mushy flashbacks and so on.

Despite the short comings, the book is good for a read. The story does pick at a point and if you don't invest any thought, it entertains well. It costs just Rs 95 - comparing well to the cost of a ticket in any multiplex. Where FPS was a DCH, ONCC can best be compared to a no brainer like Salaam Namaste.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Things I Wanna Do Right Now

* Get rid of my bandages and swing n bend my arm and fingers

* Get all my friends online on IM and chat away to glory

* Drive my bike

* Watch Seinfeld

* Wear my lens n fix my hair all by myself

* Blog something decent instead of whining

* Go back home!!! (I came back to Hyd todoay evening)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Fall

On a dark and rainy night, a sweet n nice gal was driving home from her aunt's place on her sister's Scooty Pep. And then there was a wham, and she fell off her bike breaking her left arm in the process.

:-( Poor ol me is still in Chennai 'coz of that. My left hand is temperarily out of service for another month. :-( I never knew my left limb plays such a vital role in life. I almost feel like an invalid now! So much that I am able to sympathise and to an extent empathise with people without an arm or a leg.

I also realised that roads are filled with lots of good samaritans who take that extra effort to help people in distress. Many thanks to the guy who forced his mobile on me to call home and to the couple who drove me to the hospital and to the many others who helped me off the road and made me sit and so on. Sorry Mr Shankar, but now I find it harder to believe that scene from Anniyan, where no-one helps an accident victim.

Well the upside is that broadband internet is finally configured on our rickety ol system at home and since I am able to type reasonably well with just my right hand, I guess my blogging frequency should increase substantially! :-)

So long folks, will be back soon. And hope everyone had a good Diwali! :-)