Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Things I Wanna Do Right Now

* Get rid of my bandages and swing n bend my arm and fingers

* Get all my friends online on IM and chat away to glory

* Drive my bike

* Watch Seinfeld

* Wear my lens n fix my hair all by myself

* Blog something decent instead of whining

* Go back home!!! (I came back to Hyd todoay evening)


Casablanca said...

Oh just let your hair be, and call the hairstyle a new fad ;)

And do let us know how coding with one hand goes. Take care.

Unknown!!! said...

Hi...was browsing thru orkut indian bloggers found urs...nice blog!...ok u said ...":-( I never knew my left limb plays such a vital role in life."
even a small injury to toe we realise how important it is then only...its only when we lose something we realise its value...ok ...then take care...keep blogging..

Susu said...

* hmm.. tough call.. forget it...
* use our cell fone instead...
* get a ride... or try playstation II.. surreal driving
* wonder why cant u do that??
* none of them have been bad so far.. as rohan said..
* mummy... :(( .. even I wanna do that.... so no comments on that!!

totti said...

atleast you know what to do right now.people pass their entire lives (present company excluded) without know what to do..can't you take a break or something because of the broken hand? i mean..how do they expect you to work with a hand on vacation! take care...and sus don't worry dude, your mom is gonna be here soon! ciao later

janani said...

@casa - Wild hair flyring around can never be a fad! :-( May be if I had long shiny hair like the girls in shampoo ads, then I could just let it be. :-)
One hand coding is ok - a pain that can be endured. :-)

@unknown - Yeah, truer words were never spoken! :-)

@susu - Hmm yeah can't move or shake my arm alright. And hey can't afford to be on the phone for 24 hours. Getting a ride is possible though - that's a good one. I can wear my contacts, but I require the loan of someone's clean hand to clean the lens before wearing and ha ha ha for tying my hair myself. And if my blogs aren't that bad, then that's a reason to smile. :-) And if your mom's coming over, then that's almost as good as going home - so don't worry! :-)

@totti - If the things I want to do are doable, then it would feel better though. :-) I hardly have any vacation days left. Seems like there is no concept of edical leave in my company. :-)

Anand Prabhu said...

hi..came here from janani's blog (the other one ) :)

Read some your stories... sounds interesting...

will come back here again..:) Keep bloging...

Jinguchakka said...

Hi! I admire the way you single-handedly blog!! lol. My joke's lousy, isn't it? lol

Hey, Please whine away to glory. It's okay. I like them a lot better than the mushy-mushy posts.

janani said...

@anand - Hi! Thanks and please keep coming back. :-)

@jinguchakka - Baddd joke! And does whine generate more buzz than mush?? Wow this is news to me! :-)

Jinguchakka said...

Hey where did youo get the ILC tag? Please, please lend me that.

Mukund said...

The entire blogging community (including the just readers, bcoz I'm not a blog owner yet) take great pleasure in conferring the title "One-Handed Blogger" to you. :)

Jokes apart, appreciate you for putting up a good post with a fractured hand. I know how painful it can be to type single-handed. Expecting bigger and frequent posts once both your hands see the World again. Till then take care.

Rohan Kumar said...

This is just a wild hunch but a Seinfeld marathon might just be the solution to all you wishes :)

janani said...

@jinguchakka - Click on the ILC logo and go to the website. There are logos in every color available for download.

@mukund - :-) Yah I hope be a lil more regular in posting.

@rohan - Yeah maybe! But Seinfeld DVDs are unavailable in India! :-(