Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Totally Uncool Things

that I see people around me doing and which you shouldn't be doing if you wanna be in my good books. ;-)

* Fill bottles of water from work to take home. For God's sake you all are software engineers, drawing the highest salaries in the land!
* Owning a cool cool bike like Pulsar and actually fixing a kind of hook on the side to hang your lunch dabba! Carrying a dabba to work is bad enough and you actually defile a great bike for that?
* Giggle during a team meeting. Oh my God, please don't do that - a meeting is hard enough to endure without having someone giggle when you are thrashing out an idea. And while at it, please stop asking irrelevant see-how-smart-i-am questions. And don't ever ever speak for me . Thank you
* Wear plastic footwear to work! "Plastic" - no more explanation for this one.
This list shall be updated ...


Jinguchakka said...

ohO! You seem to be pissed off at someone.
Yeah, and I agree with you. 1. Filling bottles work is disgusting even in once water starved Chennai.
2. Hook is okay, I guess as long as you don't hang a lunch box in it. One never knows. GF's handbag may need that hook, while she has her arms around you.
3. Team meetings are themselves yucky things. Many a time I have felt that I am living in a Dilbert strip.
4. Plastic footwear??? I guess you must be referring to some female. :-) Yeah, I agree with you.

Bhale Budugu said...

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Vetty Max said...

Lunch dabbas rock. Its only the hanging them on the bike part that's uncool.

janani said...

@jinguchakka - Handbags are another pet peeve of mine! Hook is not ok - not with a good bike.

@bb - Is this some kind of Indian spamming?

@vmax - Dabbas don't rock dude!

Casablanca said...

Who wears plastic footwear to work??????

*shivers in horror*

*looks at her own classy shoes and calms down a little*

Kaarthik said...

What should a guy having a pulsar and wants to eat home-cooked food at work do ? Are you sure its a hook ? Could it be a 'ladies-handle' that the pillion rider who's not your girlfriend might want to cling on to? Nopes, his laptop bag does not permit him to keep a lunch dubba inside !! or is it a lunch dubba without a bag covering it and hanging naked on a pulsar ?

BTW, how do you know its plastic ? I dont shiver at the fact that one is wearing plastic footwear to office. I shiver at the fact that somebody notices it and gets pissed off.

I guess its perfectly OK to be uncool.

janani said...

@casa - Ah thank you! :-)

@kaarthik - Ever heard of Tupperware? Flat and fits into your bag easily. When I say hook, I mean exactly that - not the usual handle.

When you are at a meeting and the person next to you has her leg on her leg and is swinging it, you must be blind if you don't notice her footwear. I know you aren't Poirot or Holmes, but surely you must notice if you are the average human.

Obviously it is perfectly ok to be uncool. Like I said in my post, you need to be cool only if you want to be in my good books.

totti said...

:)..there was this guy(matter for people at penn state)..who started laughing at my defense ..i had just started acknowledging when this guy goes into fits.I didnt think it was uncool or was cool.

harini said...

my god!! ppl actually wear'plastic' slippers to work???n do they fill their bottles with water 4m office to tk home?? oh my..never heard of such all these really happen at workplace???
*shocked expression on face*

littlecow said...

If the plastic footwear runs smooth without making much noise, why should that be frowned upon? Don't your college mates walk around campus wearing rubber chappals (sometimes picked off different pairs!)? Morevoer, using plastic is better than leather, isnt it?!

Mukund said...

I guess most s/w companies atleast supply good amount of mineral water to all employees. If that is not the case and if you have to buy one to survive the day, then I feel there is nothing uncool in carrying a bottle of water from home. Remember old saying "little drops make a mighty ocean" :) these drops of water could be your monthly savings :)

Home-made food is really a good break sometimes to save yourself from the commercial office lunch. People suffering from this mania will not find it uncool to carry a dabba (be it in whatever way) to office.

Anyway this is your list of uncool things ... just happens that two of them are not in my list.

janani said...

@totti - Laughed at your defense? :-)

@harini - See, this is the big bad world of MNCs! :-)

@bala - C'mon college is different from work. I feel there should be some amount of professionalism. And belive me, if you had seen the plastic slipper, you would agree with me. And you've got a point alright - plastic is better than leather.

@mukund - :-) Read my post carefully - it's taking water home from work that bothers me. And dabbas are out - really! I am sure your list will never match mine.

Casablanca said...

I am still waiting for updates on the list ;)

Lancelot said...

jumped from casablanca's blog...
err.... makes sense mostly, except that plastic footwear could actually do with elucidation...
@last post: i was personally pretty disappointed with FPS... thought it was majorly over-hyped(just an opinion, in case u r a fan!!) ... and am even more disappointed to hear this report

Viewer said...

Well there is no match to a home cooked food.... this come from a person who has lived most of her life eating various cateen food - all types of them , good one , bad one , worst one , non edibile ones, posh ones, exotic ones. But none stand a chance to home cooked food. Given an option I would love to take dabbas to office .. surely a good decent tiffin carrier with a decent enough tiffin carrier bag.

janani said...

@casa - On its way! :-)

@sir lancelot - Plastic footwear - the kind that looks obviously plastic, which make that phat-phat noise when you walk!

Yeah maybe FPS was over hyped and maybe not worth all that hype. But it did make an interesting read - at no point did I feel "Omg what is this guy trying to pull??" ONCC was more of absurdity than fantasy.

@viewer - Good canteen food exists??? Really? In all my years of eating in hostels/work I've never seen them. :-(
And yeah that's exactly what I am trying to say - Tupperware or some other flat things that will fit into your bag are ok.

Prabha said...

hey jan! cool one! well... hanging lunch dabba is not cool as u said.. but believe me.. carrying lunch dabba to office is actually good! inga vanthu paaru...ellarum home food thaan... ethukkapathuyum kandukamata!!! okie.. nice one!