Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little Things of Life

that makes me feel happy

1) Getting the green light at 4 intersections in a row

2) The tiny speaker that S bought me so that I can listen to songs on my ipod without headphones

3) Frozen custard at Goodberry's. Mmmmm

4) Catching the comedy show on Aahaa FM at nights

5) Discovering the new address of one my favorite bloggers whom I had lost track of and reading all her posts that I had missed in one go

6) Watching Ramany vs Ramany on

In difficult times, it always nice to make such a list! I recommend this exercise to everyone who is even mildly depressed or not in love with life


kaushik said...


Happy Diwali :p

Top on my list:

Learning that my adviser will be out of town on the day I am scheduled to meet him yay!

Sandeep said...

That's the spirit!:-)

There's definitely a whole bunch things coming ur way thats gonna make you smile even more:-)

Point no. 3 is making Mr.Stomach growl and ask for food...3:30 pm ku enga poven na??!

Jinguchakka said...

I have experienced 1 & 5.
I agree.

Sandeep said...

Exams are done.So get the wheels rolling baby!!

Sandeep said...

Madam..How long are we supposed to keep looking at the "Little Things of Life"?? I guess there are Big things happening in your life now! So would you start writing already!!

Sandeep said...

Knock Knock...anybody there???

Anonymous said...

liked ur post...can u let us know ur favourite blogger address?I like reading blogs...