Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am back in Madison. Where do I start? After a rocky semester at NC State, I had been to India and gotten married to my longtime bf S. People were starting to worry if we would ever be married. Also given the Thamizh panbadu of the younger sister waiting for the elder one to get married - my parents, relatives, friends, their friends and their naikutties wanted us to get married. And being the samathu kids we are - we did! I can never check "Single, never married" ever on any form now. That sucks! Also I keep introducing S as my husband to some, my fiance to some others and even my boyfriend to some. Much to S' consternation, I never correct myself. So if any of you who know me in real life are reading my blog, yes he really is my husband. Here's a nice pic from my wedding to prove that!

Coming to the wedding itself, which was held on Feb 1 in Chennai (to those who are wondering) - it was fun. Sorta! All my cousins (yup all of them!) and most of my friends in India (totally 3) made it. There was a lot of good food supposedly. But people kept forgetting that the bride was in her room (including the groom who was allegedly in love with the bride for the past 5 years) and I missed half the meals. Also there was a lot of drama and tears. But that's another story for another day. Since it was my wedding and all, I had a lot of ideas about the venue, menu and what not. Of course no-one listened to me. But I got to have one of these brass vases with flowers though. My mom assured me that I could have my dream wedding as soon as my daughter is old enough to get married.

We had just a week in India after the wedding, since my darling husband had just 2 weeks off for the wedding. We spent that week at home, enjoying Amma and Viji athai's cooking. S' bro B was also at my place during that time and we all bonded. Oh and there was that embarrassing confession session where everyone spilt their secrets and we were not even drunk. So now everyone has something to hold over the other's head.

The first coupla weeks in the US were a whirlwind. I was in St Louis, Madison and Raleigh. We moved our car and other stuff from Raleigh and plonked myself into an amazing apartment (if I may say so myself) in Madison. The best part is, it's just a mile away from work and I get to go home for lunch everyday and watch TV.

Well since I have gotten married and all that, one would assume that I must be busy being taken of by the doting husband and have company to watch all the movies I want and try all the restaurants in town. But nooo, my husband being who he is, has to get himself a job in St Louis and is home only during the weekends. So I come home from work everyday. Watch Friends and Seinfeld. And then I catch up on the shows on DVR. And then I get to play Super Mario or Tennis on my new Wii (graduation gift from S). So safe to say that I absolutely don't get any reading done these days. Ahh lying on a Papasan chair near the fireplace and watching TV while it's snowing outside - priceless!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jans! a long awaited blog indeed!

Sandeep said...

Back after a loong time!!
Wow! That's 5 eventful,hectic yet nice,interesting,rocky months in 5 paragraphs!

And yes. You getter get it straight - the wordz Husband - no bf, no fiance!And hey you did get people to listen to you at the wedding. The chat stall?!

You are making me nostalgic now and yeah....that trip down the memory lane is worth taking!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations :) Have a great life ahead....

and welcome back to Madison....I hope it stops snowing now...i want summer :)

janani said...

Wow 3 comments and 2 of them are unsolicited :-))

@deeps - Done girl!

@sandhu - Well yeah, it's like we are catching our breath just now

@kaushik - Thanks :-)

Oooh I can't wait for summer too. Can't wait to go out without a coat/swaeter

Sasi said...

Ha ha :) @ " their friends and their naikutties wanted us to get married " !!!

Manju said...

Congrats girl!! The pics are due:)

Janani Sundarrajan said...

you and I have the same name- first and last
congrats! btw..:)

Maddy said...

Was bloghoping and came thro Kaushik blog.

Pathinaarum petru peru Vazhvu vazhga!! Ella valamum ella sugamum iravan ungal iruvarukkum arulattum.