Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hello Hello

Me is hard at work and kinda bored at work too.

At about 11 in the morn
Tring Tring (or Whrrr Whrr since my phone is on vibrate)
Me: Hello expectantly
Other Side: Namaskar this is a free call from Airtel. If you haven't paid your bill ....

Just before lunch
Whrr Whrr(a SMS this time)
Since I've already received the customary daily SMS from Airtel, I open it again eagerly. It is from an unknown number
Emi chesunavu? Blah blah blah in Telugu

An hour after lunch
Tring Tring(my desk phone this time and from an outside number)
I pick up with mixed feelings, hoping it isn't a credit card or insurance agent.
It is M
M: Hi di. I haven't paid my elec bill for this month, do you know where to pay it?
Me: Check out the website da, it's pretty clear.
M: Ok I'll call you later

Few hours later
Whrrr Whrrr
Yippie it's P from Mumbai
Me: Heyy, how are you doing? How is Bombay? Have moved into a flat yet?
P: Yeah things are good, it's very different out here. Everyday I do #@#$%@! - That's not a swear word, its the funny beep before the line gets cut

At 7 in evening
Tring Tring (my phone is loud now since it's after office hours)
Home sweet home
Me: Amma, I am so glad you called.
Amma: Where are you now? Are you still at office?
Me: Yes ma In a pitiful tone to exact pity
Amma: Did you take your medicine today?
Me: Err no
Amma: Yesterday?
Me: Nopes
Amma: Are you taking them at all?
Me: Yeah sure
Amma: Did you buy them atleast?
Me: Will do today
Amma: #@!@#$%#@ - This isn't a beep, it's Amma scolding me loud and clear

It's time to take things in my own hands now. I call up S in Bangalore.
Me: Hi S
From the other side: This is actually S' mother speaking. She left the mobile at home today. Why don't you call later?

Why do I even bother to have a mobile??? Someone call me please and soon too, before I fling my phone into the far beyond, then retrieve it, break it into bits, stamp on it and then throw it farther beyond!


Subs said...

Hey jan - u know that i leave it with amma rt !
btw - nowadays - it dosen't look like MY mobile ..
all phone calls and missed calls and msgs - only for HER !
Poor Me !!!

littlecow said...

you should be like one of my friends. he was so angry with these 'courtesy' calls that he started making conversations with the callers (it was genuine. he wanted to find out if these people really liked their jobs and possibly help them). a typ conversation went like this...
*tan.ta.da..tan.ta.da..tan.tan.Taaa....* (he had a funny ring you see)
RK: Hello
X: Hi. This is to inform you that MCI is offering cheap rates to...
RK: Its early in the morning. Do you really like your job?
*stunned silence from the other side. then capitulation*
X: No sir. But thanks for asking. It is one of the most painful jobs with very little reward for effort and continual morale shattering insults.
RK: Then why do you do this job?

Then, a prolonged conversation ensues. Soon enough, RK became an expert in these matters and became a shrink for these fellers. It still remains a mystery as to whether his claims that junk calls incresed in his phone are legitimate... it ain't going to matter i guess.

janani said...

@subs - Yes, now I know that you leave your mobile at home! :-)
Get a landline soon and then take your mobile back. :-)

@littlecow - Wow your friend is a hoot! :-) It takes a lot of patience to do what he is doing. I hate being rude to them and most of the times it takes me a lotttttt to be polite. :-)

Sagnik Nandy said...

just cell off the phone :)

janani said...

@sagnik - Good idea!
Any buyers for a Nokia 3315 - undented and with just a minor crack on the pane??? :-)