Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Why Me Again?

I just wrote out the biggest ever post in the history of jananisays.blogspot.com and while trying to publish it, it asked me to sign in again and then bam! All is gone. This post was bigggg, funny in places, had a few songs thrown in and a matrix like fight sequence and all other makings of a blockbuster. :-(

Now repeat after me,
Save and then publish
Save and then publish
Save and then publish

I am in mourning! :-(

P.S. I really try not to crib on my blog, but when karma catches up with me, I am helpless! :-(


MA said...

next time copy it on notepad as well :)

janani said...

@ma - Yeah I guess! :-( Never trust blogger fully esp with a king sized post! :-(

Shiva said...

well, came across ur blog thru some links (which i forgot..).. as u say in ur posts ..u crib a lot.. but it was fun reading ur posts and enjoyed a lot.... esp. liked this one..

repeat after me.. :)
Save and then publish
Save and then publish

keep posting...