Friday, June 17, 2005

Whoopsy Daisy :-)

No this is not a post about Notting Hill(which incidentally is one of my fav movies, but more on that later). This is about some weird or off beat phrases that people keep saying.

When I was a little kid, I picked up "Whoopsy Daisy" from somewhere and used it so frequently that even now it's a standing joke in my family. They refused to believe that it is a legitimate phrase and would try and make many other normal words sound like that to make fun of me, like "Sopsy Daisy" for sorry. :-)

Will and Grace had a whole episode dedicated to this, where Jack invents a phrase "Stake it" and then finds someone else using it. Actually lots of them on the screen - Joey's "how're YOU doin?" and Jim Carrey's "B-E-A-Utiful" in Bruce Almighty and Michelle's "You got it dude" in Full House and of course the famous Trump's famous "You are fired".

A certain respectable gentleman has conceded in the comments section of his blog that he says "ai ai yo yo" a lot. :-) So anything like this that you can share, something that you or someone you know say?


Eroteme said...

I am told that I have specific phrases with different people.
"Crystal" used both when I am questioning the clarity of what I might have said as well as responding to someone's question of "Is it clear?"

Vetty Max said...

Brainstormed....and could come up with only one totally original word that I use.

"Atrocious" to indicate an extreme feeling, both in a negative and postive sense.

There are many more that I use courtesy college slang like "fair" instead of very good, "xyz max xyz God" to indicate the of the reasons for my name too.

janani said...

@eroteme - Interesing! Actually even I do that sub conciosuly, my college slang ridden language would miraculously become decent and undertanble to normal human form when I came home for holidays. :-)

@vmax - Atrocious in a positive sense?? :-) Maybe you could elucidate this.
Even we used "max" and "God level" for superlatives in college.

Vetty Max said...

Roger Federer played atrociously well. :D

Sagnik Nandy said...

:) well i have these phases when i keep reusing the same phrase repeatedly. like now i am into heavu use of "i zee" instead of "i see". they aren't too bad unless the ph(r)ase includes curse words :((

janani said...

@vmax - Fair enough! :-)

@sagnik - Oh I zee! :-)