Thursday, June 30, 2005

Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus

If they are hitched that is! :-)

Part I
Boy: I will do anything for you

Girl: Really?

Boy: emphatically Of course I will!

Girl: That's cho chweeet. Why don't you take me shopping today?

Boy: Hmm, I am supposed to catch a movie with my friends

Girl: So cancel!

Boy: The tickets are already booked actually and I've promised everyone.

Girl: Ok, what about after the movie?

Boy: Well, we have pizza plans

Girl: Tomorrow?

Boy: Why don't you go with your friend Priya?

Girl bites her lower lips and the conversation ends

Part II
Girl to her friend (not Priya, say Megha) : sniffing I think he wants to break up with me!

Megha: C'mon now, you two are so good together. Why would he do that all of a sudden?

Girl: No, lately he doesn't seem the same. He gives the lamest of excuses to get out of spending time with me.

Megha: Ohhh

Girl: And you know what, I think he is seeing that bitch Priya behind my back.

Megha: You don't say!!! How did you find out?

Girl: He seems to be pulling her into the conversation always and he actually-wants-me-to-go-shopping-with-her - starts to break down

Megha: Oh no! Here take a tissue.

And the conversation continues well into the night

Part III
Boy to friend Arun: Dude let's catch a movie.

Arun: I thought you were meeting with your girl.

Boy: She wanted me to go shopping! I wiggled out of it though.

Arun: How did'ya do that?

Boy: I said we were going for a movie. And I think I scored a point too, I actually remembered her friend's name and asked her to go shopping with her.

Arun: Whoa

Boy: It was easy actually, her friend is hottt!

Exit boy and friend


Yeah feels good to be single! :-)


littlecow said...

Most certainly true! Good one! Who are you like - Boy, Arun, Girl? Sometimes I wonder if guys themselves are complex - then I realize girls are infinitely more complicated than the most complex of guys. I rest in peace, call up my friend and we yak about evil girls. :-)

Jinguchakka said...

Yeaaah. All the guys who have been to a mall with girls would agree. God, they select, dither, delay and then de-select till the kingdom come. One should be single or married (that way you can refuse point blank, offering to do the kid-sitting instead) to avoid this danger. Being single also has its risks, as I find, your plutonic pals would put you thro' the grind anyway. :-(

janani said...

@littlecow - I am probably the neutral friend! :-) This is just an observation, on how things go awry in a relationship. :-)

@jinguchakka - Girls are expected to linger over shopping. :-) But exceptions exist on both ends. :-) Nice theory about escaping from shopping after marriage - put it into practice and then see if it works :-)

Eroteme said...

That's a funny set of scenes you pull! :-))
I so agree with you. Aaah! The pleasures of being single. ;-)
I gather you are in Hydi too. Interesting. :-)

janani said...

@? - Thank you! :-) I tell people I am happy to be single and they instantly say sour grapes. ;-)
Oooh nice to know a fellow Hyd blogger. :-)

Subs said...

i agree 100% with the fact that -
Single == No tension , Relax !!
Aana - u and single .... mmmm ... yengayo idikidhey ;-) !!!! Jus kidding !!!!
Nice and Funny !

Eroteme said...

And Tamil too! This is really interesting. Do we have blogger meets in Hydi? A few places organise Blogger meets and I was wondering whether Hydi ever had one...

janani said...

@subs - cat one day elephant one day! :-)

@? - Surprise!!! :-) Never heard of blogger meets in Hyd actually. I guess a meet could be organised if we have a good number (read 3 or more) :-)

Anonymous said...

heyyy ms.janani....wat madam...g8 to be single is it??? looks like the thing u hv written is full of xperience...:):)???or does it mean its written outta seeing other's xperience???....u cant cheat, H

janani said...

@H - It is derived in the sense I am guessing this happens in most relationships. :-) And no cheating my dear, great to be single. :-)

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