Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why Do I Blog?

I've been accused by D of not being serious on my blog! (Not so much of a accusation as a gentle rib yanways :-)) We had a small discussion about her blog and she was telling about what she wanted to blog about - very thoughtful and thought provoking. And then we got talking about why people blog. She talked about global ideas and intelligent responses and so on.

That's when the topic slid to my blog and then the word entertainment crept in. And that got me thinking about why I blog.

I've seen some blogs that are just a personal diary which chronicle their day to day lives. This is a good way for friends and family to keep in touch and know how the blogger is faring.

And then there's the frequently updated typical geek blog - news, updates, Google and MSN, condition of Iraq and so on. The path advocated by Joel and the like for putting your blog on your resume.

We can't forget the literary blogs which create magic with words. Beauty reigns and its sheer delight to watch the words play with each other.

And the sports blog, lingual blogs, life@Msft blogs ...

My blog is certainly not geeky, no news or even sports. And I try to keep personal stuff to the minimum. When I started blogging, I resolved to not write about anything about my life, but it's difficult to separate me from my writing. So now I just try not to make it very what-I-did-todayish. What I am trying for is essentially a "feel good" feeling. I want people reading my blogs and I want them to read it hopefully with a smile and to relate to what I write (and not judge me :-) ). Even if I feel strongly about something, I try to disguise it under something frivolous.

So I sign off with a promise to be shallow and silly forever and ever! :-)

PS 1 : I will link to D's blog once it is up and running.

PS 2: Its become fashionable nowadays to talk of motives behind blogging. I am feeling relieved now, I am on the right side of the boat! :-)


Jinguchakka said...

I find blogging an outlet. For your thoughts, frustrations and happiness too! It also keeps one's creative cells alive which usually get bogged down in daily routines. So what if it's what-I-didish? Only what we undergo evoke the passion in our words. Otherwise the writing will lack a life. Even imaginary things we have to live them in our mind to write about them.

janani said...

@jingchaks - No no don't get me wrong here. I feel personal blogs are a great way for keeping in touch. And my blog has it's share of rants too. :-) Not advocating anything here.

Anonymous said...

i really feel there neednt be any motive behind a blog...blogs means "expressing urself"...u neednt prove to anyone the intention with which u r writing a blog....just be urself....write watever u feel is gud n watever u think is the best....individuality alwayas,H

janani said...

@H - There isn't any pre-decided motive, but there is always something that drives people to do what they do. Yes as you say individuality rules! :-)

Vetty Max said...

Your blog is fine. :) Just keep up the good work.

janani said...

@vmax - Hey thanks a ton! :-) Its things like this that get me going. :-)

subs said...

i agree with H !
jus share those things that u felt nice or different that day !
and ur blogs - believe me - r very interesting ! don stop it !
" Un sevai indha e-world ku thevai ! "
he he ! ;-)

janani said...

@subs - Thank you thank you thank you! :-)

Eroteme said...

I do it mostly for to check whether my keyboards (yes, plural) are all functioning fine... and then I forget to stop the checking process!! :-)
Your blog is light and variegated... just fine...

Mukund said...

In my opinion it depends on how you value "readership". If you are not bothered about how many ppl visit your blog, then you can give any content. If you want more readership, then you need to give some thought provoking content to the readers.

I know that owning a blog with a decent readership is not easy. You got to be little responsible for this by posting regularly and also giving some interesting content. In that sense your blog is good. You don't disappoint readers. :)

Coming to the point on certain blogs being used for diary writing ... I don't think there is anything wrong in this as long as the reader can relate/imagine himself to the incident . But I definetely feel that this is not what a reader is looking for.

No offense meant. :)

janani said...

@? - :-) N thanks!

@Mukund - Yup agree 100%. When I start expecting some kind of viewership for my blog, I am losing a small percentage of freedom to write what I please. It is at the thought evoking bit that I differ from you. I understand that you want some kind of scope to comment and discuss, but I feel it is possible even with frivolous posts. You might have had a similar experience or some funny limerick related to the post or whatever - just pour all that in.

And as for what-i-did blogs, the first blog that jumps to my mind is that of eM( - she leads an extradinary life and writes about it extradinarily well. I am sure there are many other blogs out there, that make even mundane things seem interesting. So can't pan them. Ultimately its both what you write and how you write that counts. When one of these factors is in the superlative, the other hardly matters.

And yes, keep reading my blog. :-)