Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Parineeta, Saltwater Taffy and Living Single

I saw Parineeta last weekend and I am obsessed with it. That's the only music I listen to these days and I am driving everyone crazy by humming "piyu bole" all day long. (Contrary to what some people think, this is my favorite song from the movie :-) ) . And I am searching for this now


Yup thats the book, the English translation that is. I am calling 3 book stores (Odessey, Walden and Himalaya) everyday and they remain bullishly out of stock. So Hyderabadis help me here, any other book store I can try?

Do you know what this is?


Apparently it is saltwater taffy. I read about this once while at school in some book or magazine. And some years later I came across it again in a FRIENDS episode (TOW the Birthing Video). Now, I have this absolute craving to eat them or rather try them and find out what they actually taste like. And they aren't available in this part of the world. Grrrrr!?! I want to eat saltwater taffy NOW! So what do they taste like actually?

When I was about 10 years old, we went on a trip to Calcutta(it wasn't Kolkata then). About a month before the trip, I distinctly remember my mom telling me "In Calcutta you can eat sandesh". I heard "eat" as "meet" and thought Sandesh was a boy we were going to meet there. :-) So when I was finally in Calcutta and was shown sandesh, it was quite a shock, and not very pleasant 'coz I didn't like the sweet too. :-) Anyways, this has nothing to do with the post, but Joel has asked us to tell stories while making a point and that's why. :-)

While on obsessions and whims and whatever, a few years back, this sitcom called "Living Single" about a bunch of Afro American females used to be aired on Zee English. I want to watch an episode of that now. :-(

And before you ask, I don't need to meet a shrink. :-)

The image tool of blogger (which everyone is raving about) isn't working today!

Update: Walden people called up just now and they have got the book! Woo hoo! :-)


harini said...

hi my dear sister....i know how much u r caught into tat parineeta stuff by the way u emotionally try to get me watch the film(thou u dont tk into ur head the fact tat my hindi is very broken)....i know how many times u hv told "hey tat movie is dammmm gud n u surely gotta watch it"...thought these tortures ended with me..but wat a pity u carry in on to others too...poor ppl!!!:):)

harini said...

hmm...."meet sandesh" is it?? wat a pity i was a small girl then n didnt know this thing...askin y??? coz i wud hv been more xcited than u to meet tat fine...let these things be bet us...ok..shhhh!!!

janani said...

@h - I am asking a lot of people to watch this movie, but not in this post. :-) So, Harini go watch that movie. :-)

Ask Amma if she remembers that sandesh thing. And I think both of were too young at that time to flirt and be flirted at. :-)

Mukund said...

You really don't need to know the language to understand a GOOD movie. Parineeta is one such good movie. I rarely agree with J's views in full context, but this is really a good movie. So joining hands with J in promoting the movie.

Coming to the 'Sandesh' thing ..u know I don't want to comment on that.

Jinguchakka said...

It's good that you ought to tell stories while making a point. But what point are you making here, may I know? :-)I thought they were all just different stories (parineeta, saltwater taffy and sandesh).Duh..?

janani said...

@mukund - A good movies doesn't necessarily mean you can understand it sans the language! What about the nuances in the dialogue and wordplay?

And that sandesh thing happened okya! :-) I will ask Amma to provide the proof.

@jinguchakka - Maybe the pointlessness of it all is the point! :-) The common thread is supposed to be illogical obsessions. :-)

Subs said...

hey - i sneaked away from office somehow and saw parineeta yesterday ... wow - super movie ..
i join ur club ...
aana .. unlike u - i liked that rekha's song - paheli zindgani .. more .. and keep humming that all day ..
u know what .. nowadays we get a walkman to office and listen to radio city all day - waiting for that song to be played ..

sandesh stuff - unaku 'eat' aa 'meet' nu dhan kekum ..
i know u r capable of much more also ..vera yennalam yepadilam ketudhu .. maraikama sollidu ;-)

and saltwater taffy - sorry donno nething abt that ! if u get to know - do let me also know ..
as it looks yummy !

janani said...

@subs - Me lovey that song too. :-)

And I want saltwater taffy! :-(

@everyone - Just talked to my mom and she remembers that sandesh episode too! So pbbbbtt!! :-)

Sharan said...

quite late to comment... but u know the reason 4 this delay the best:))

well say thanks to ME!.... i saw this movie abt 5 times , ages back on the 1st day of release & have been raving abt it since long!

The climax was a dissappointment though....:(((

janani said...

@sharan - Thank you for what - producing the movie? And I didn't produce that movie, so I needn't thank you for watching it. :-)
Yeah the climax was cinematic. But I feel it was all about symbolism.