Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain! :-)

When raindrops go pitter patter
Most people go "awww"
Worries do not seem to matter
Cheer seems to be the law

Count me outta that group I say
I simply seem to hate the rain
Oh I yearn for a sunny day
Where my plans don't go in vain

Rain is alrite for the poets and the like
Who wonder at beauty every hour on the hour
But the rest of us commute with a bike
And with gushing sewage we have to spar

Getting drenched sounds romantic and fun
"Oh join us for a rain dance", they all sing
But I am late for work and I must run
Wetter and soggier than a wet hen's wing

Umbrellas protect the top of my head
But just that and nothing but that
Into murk, dirt and germs I've been lead
And fallen over hidden potholes and ruts

A soggy air envelops the whole wide world
Clothes remain damp and undry
Tis the season of cough and cold
Sickness beckons from far and high

In short I want the monsoons to be over
And the bright sun back in its place
No more black clouds that glower and hover
And I can live in peace till the end of days!


On a by-note

Sorry folks for my vanishing act
But if I didn't do my work I would be sacked
Duty beckoned, very powerfully so
And my blog was suspended, much to my woe

Jinguchakka and Eroteme will be happy I guess
Now that I am under pressure and duress :-)
But not to prove a point did my blog lie still
It just happened and much against my will

Now I am back with a mediocre post
Soon will spice up with stuff hot and roast
Keep reading my blog and keep coming by
For now - have a nice day, tata and bye! :-)


Sharan said...

Ur Spain n Plain n Rain n Drain,
Made my neck to sprain n crane!;
But jus then i looked out of my window pane,
& realised tat my thoughts were in your same lane:)))

dawned on me why most nature loving poets are from europe!

janani said...

@sharan - Wokay Ms Smarty Pants! :-) But you are soon to be a Hyderabadi my dear, forget Europe now. :-)

Jinguchakka said...

Wow! great verse! Wet hen's wing!!what an imagination! by-note super! ;-)) thought of replying in verse. Sharan might become terse. So I restrain. you brought me a smile, at the end of a frustu day! Thanks

janani said...

@jinguchakka - lol! Glad to be of help. :-)

Rohan Kumar said...

Nice post but a complete anti thesis of my post on the same subject http://whoisane.blogspot.com/2005/06/story.html

janani said...

@rohan - Your poem is beautiful. Mine is just nonsense verse! :-)

Sagnik Nandy said...

we had a really cool geography teacher in school who actually gave this question in an exam:

the rain in Spain stays mostly in the plain. explain.

Vetty Max said...

You are fit only for Chennai.(Chennai thaan layakku :P) Probably you can have more fun running behind water lorries.

Seems like with greater work comes greater creativity....the wet hen's wing....just that and nothing but that...keep up the good work.

janani said...

@sagnik - Whoa! :-) And what did you answer?

@vmax - Yeah Chennai is my idea of idieal life. :-) But I heard angeyum ipo rains. :-( But if you knew what I went through in the weekend 'coz of rains, you might empathise with me.

As you say, it took some work to make the rhyme. I have always felt that the effort must be hidden and the words must flow for a good poem. But then you have said "keep up the good work", which means you like it, which means it's a compliment, which makes me happy! :-) Thanks.

Subs said...

hey janani - simply superb one di .. Perfect Rhyme .. as everyone says ... good creativity !!!!
did u read p's and l's mail .. i think everyone will agree with u ..
Rains - fine with me .. as far as the water drains properly .. and does not stay on the road the blk the traffic ( which is as such horrible in b'lore ) I take around 20 mins to reach my off that is 1 km away ...

Eroteme said...

hahahahahaha :-))
I was wondering whether the abeyance was for proving a point and I visit your blog today to find this. Neat poem. Really is. You sure have a nice choice of words without making the lines look contrived. Loved your "on a by-note" ;-)
Come on! I wasn't happy that you had gone. I didn't know!! ;-) But I am sure that half the world is glad that you are back!! :-)) Man, this is cool. I get a special mention on this post!! :-o

janani said...

@subs - Thanks! :-) Yeah after reading their mails even I felt kinda justified.

And even if the water drains properly, long spells of rain are a bore!

@? - Thank you kind Sir! :-) And I didn't mean that you were happy I am gone - just referring to the brouhaha you and Mr Jinguchakka made over the fact that I was posting while I was "supposedly" busy at work. :-)

Eroteme Eroteme Eroteme Eroteme Eroteme!!!
How's this for a special mention on my comments as well?? :-)

Eroteme said...

Am I touched!?!?! :-))
Thank you m'mselle! Very generous of you and considering the excess "?" it really does account for a lot of "special" mentions!! ;-)
So? Were you or not busy? :-|

janani said...

@? - I was bussssyyyyyyy!!! :-(

totti said...

:-) ..nice.. i heard Hyd is(was) flooded like crazy and hussain sagar does'nt make life any better; with all the filth floating in ??

janani said...

@karthik - Yup Hyd was kinda flooded and there was talk of Hussain Sagar overflowing! But I guess we all survived. :-)

harini said...

rain rain go away..
little jhonny wants to play..
rather it shud be
"rain rin go away
janani wants some peace plsssssssssss"...lol

good post btw!

janani said...

@harini - I was wondering why no-one had brought up this till now! :-)
It's not been raining here for 2 days and believe me, the respite is gooood. :-)

Fathima said...

Same pinch! I am also afraid of rain - but my concern is the clothes that will b drying in my hostel(which I put them in the rope that morning).
Being in Chennai, people will murder me if I say I don't like rain, but thats the fact. Not that I like Sun either.

janani said...

@fathima - Rain in the night so that the daytime weather is cool would be ideal, what say you? :-)

Fathima said...

Yup! its ok. So that I cuddle up in my cozy bed