Sunday, July 10, 2005

Show Me a Man Who

believes in religion but is not religious

talks well except about himself

is clean shaven with a french beard

is a sports fan and not a fanatic

reads and is not a dork

is aesthetic and not artsy

speaks with perfect grammar and doesn't think its a big deal

doesn't write poetry and certainly not about love

is romantic sans mush

has a blog and well, updates it

Well, show me someone like that, seriously! :-) And I promise nothing. :-)


Kaps said...

Finding somebody like this is an uphill task. Good luck with ur search.

janani said...

@kaps - :-) Yeah I know. Perhaps a subset of this set is viable? :-)

harini said...

dearie sisssy daisyyy...:):)...dont worry il get the rite guy 4 u...leave it to me...but u gotta promise the same 4 me to....noww plss not with all those qualities u mentioned....:P:P

janani said...

@h - lol! Thanks but no thanks! :-)

Kaps said...

Thanks for Blogrolling me!

janani said...

@kaps - You are welcome! :-) Incidentally, I don't use blogroll, I just add the links manually. :-)

Kaps said...

I saw that u don't use Blogroll....but it has become common to say what I said as Blogrolling has become a generic term.

janani said...

@kaps - Well, actually you are right. Blogrolling is neat and fast and no wonder is so popular.