Friday, June 03, 2005

That Thing You Do :-)

My hands kept twitching,
Touching the keyboard, not quite typing.

Red light shone into my eyes
When I explored the underside of my mouse

I clicked refresh all the while
Only to be told there is no new mail

Made sure my mobile was on loud mode
Can't afford to miss a call today

Called my deskphone from my mobile
Yeah all the lines were working fine

The things that we do
On a slow day at work!



Anonymous said...

Yeah...tell me about it !

janani said...

@anon - this is one of the banes of a s/w engg's existence! :-(

Vetty Max said...

Its not only a s/w engg's existence, now-a-days anyone without work and with a comp and a mobile does this only.

janani said...

@vmax - but since s/w enggs are a blessed lot, they usually have a system with fast net access to waste time! :-)

Anonymous said...

@janani and vmax :
Atleast thabk GOD for that !! Can you imagine how else would you manage to waste your time ??? !!

littlecow said...

good one this. :D

littlecow said...

My hands kept twitching,
touching the old carrion, not quite eating.

White moon light shone in my eyes,
When I explored the backside of my house.

I licked his flesh all the while,
Only to be told there is no new animal.

Made sure my ears were on loud mode
Can't wait to miss a call today.

Called my eagle to ask for food avail
Yeah all the lions are working fine.

The things hyenas do
On a slow day at work!

hmmm... i am no keat. but hey, atleast did not miss a beat. :)

Sagnik Nandy said...

i have this strange habit of keeping my cell phone on vibrate mode coz i like that the vibration has an element of surprise without shocking me when i drive. plus i findn the sounds of most ringtones similar. having a unique sound makes people look at you while having a common one confuses you - so i stick to vibrate - strange but worth a mention :)

janani said...

@littlecow - Eeesh, makes me want to throw up! Carrion, licking flesh??? :-( And all this directed at this sweet veggie girl who doesn't even eat eggs (unless it's hidden inside cakes) just because she smiles! :-(

@sagnik - Aah, the trick is to have a tune that people recognise, but no-one would want it as a ringtone. :-) I like the whhrrr of vibrate too, thats how my mobile usually stays in office! :-)

littlecow said...

never thought a sweet guy like me could evoke such feelings in a lady... hmm... i keep discovering myself... :-)