Monday, June 20, 2005

Of Books and Tags

Me has been tagged by vettymax. So here goes...

1. Books I own:
I own about 60 books totally, most of which are mine. Working hard to increase this number ever since I started earning. :-)

2. Book I recently bought:
English, August by Upamanyu Chatterjee

3. Book I am reading now:
The Modigliani Scandal by Ken Follett

4. My favorites:

a) Wodehouse is my favorite author and I just love his works. "Right Ho Jeeves" scores the first place amongst his books though. It is delightful comedy with such absurd situations and the humor is accentuated with the right usage of words. The scene that comes to my mind immediately is when Gussie makes faces at Anatole from the skylight to make him open the door - absolutely hilarious. :-)

b) And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie - This is a thriller in the true sense of the word. No other novel that I've read has ever been able to grip me to this extent. I read this book while I was at school(in my 9th Std to be precise) and it was sooo unputdownable that I kept it under my desk and read it while class was going on. :-)

c) A Room With a View by E.M Forster - Nice, slow book dealing with life, society, love and passion. Something about this book that pulls me with it.

d) Something Under the Bed is Drooling - a Calvin and Hobbes collection by Bill Watterson. I love this madcap kid and the super calm tiger. This strip truly cheers me up when I am in the dumps.

e) To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - My librarian at school used to beg and beg me to try this book and yet I somehow never took it home. I chanced across this fortunately while at college and is one of the best books I've ever read. It's funny, preachy, sentimental at the same time and is one book that I will never tire of rereading.

f) Devil's Alternative by Frederick Forsythe - "Whoa" just describes the book in one word. I am always a sucker for spy books especially dealing with the erstwhile USSR and this coupled with the level of detail made a worthy read.

I guess I have to tag others now and the axe falls on the people who read my blog and have blogs of their own - kaarthik, sagnik and littlecow. If you guys haven't been book tagged before, please do fill this up. :-)


Vetty Max said...

Fair list.:)

After going through your list, I realised that I had missed To Kill a Mocking Bird from my list. :(

janani said...

@vmax - :-) Gotcha! Your list is sooo exhaustive, I am sure anyone who looks at yours and then at mine will think I've ripped mine off yours :-)

Sagnik Nandy said...

this is the 4th time I have been tagged for this tag chain and I shall post the exact same answer. I DON'T READ. Nothing! So unless you want a book list boasting of James Gosling or Knuth :) I shall pass this one. Please do tag me for any other tag (unless it involves dancing coz I CAN'T DANCE :) )

janani said...

@sagnik - Okie Dokie. :-) Gosling and Knuth? Heard lots of them, mean to read them, but I am not sure if I will ever touch any of them! :-)
And you are now officially tagged by default for all tags that are passed to me in future except TOW dancing. :-)