Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Whine and Rant and Crib

Warning: I am now going to launch into a full fledged rant about today. Rant phobics can stop reading here.

It all started when I woke up late. And I decided to cook my lunch as well(I should have realized that trying to take my lunch is a recipe for disaster). Then the usual - stuff got boiled too much, something in my breakfast i.e either the bread or the cheese(ahem low fat) was spoilt, no auto etc. Then when I finally reached work, late of course, many people helpfully pointed out that my bindi was missing, and I hate it without my pottu, I really really do. I slid into my chair whewfully(blogic license) and started checking gmail, blogs etc. And then a mail popped up saying the weekly status review meeting was going to happen in 5 minutes. To my horror I then discovered that a cron job for which I am responsible, has been failing continuously and has been generating lots of mail alerts. I went to the meeting hoping and hoping and hoping that nobody would have checked it and of course somebody had.

After this hungama I went for lunch and discovered that I had forgotten to put salt in all that I had made. :-( I really hope later in life, I don't suffer from high BP or some other medical condition that restricts me to saltless food. (And no diabetes too, I want my ice cream! :-) )

A mini meeting with my PL followed where I dared to pooh pooh one of his ideas and he pooh poohed me back. A bigger meeting with my manager and he also pooh poohed my PL's idea - score one for me! :-) And then he accepted one of my ideas and even praised it. ++1 for me again :-) I was feeling all hotsy totsy and I slid back into my chair with a triumphant half smile. My PL turned to me and said "Janani, why don't you now explain the other suggestion you had regarding blah blah." and I just stared back at him and my manager 'coz I remembered I had some idea and I remembered that I had touted it in the previous meeting as the next best thing to mankind since gel pens, but I remembered not what it was! My manager was pretty helpful and asked to go to the board and explain just the basic flow of logic. I looked at both of them with glazed eyes and mumbled something about preparing a doc and mailing it.

Anyways there is this huge project coming up and I am very excited 'coz it involves lots and lots of coding most of which will be interesting. And I get to dabble with number sequences and random numbers and mail delivery - whoopie! :-) But the downside is that I can't attend V's wedding in Chennai. :-(

Just while writing this post my PL called me and told me that he is going to take care of the mail delivery part. Me sad! :-(

Btw, my roomies aren't coming home for dinner and since I have this problem with eating out alone, gotto cook for myself when I get home. :-(

I hope tomorrow dawns nice and bright "for you and for me and the entire human race" :-)


littlecow said...

does it happen to you that all bad things scheme to arrive on the same day?

there was a day when i broke 3 probes (normally one breaks every 3 months or so), blew up the entire circuit (with smoke and flames that leapt 2 feet) and had a burst cooker...

thankfully, good things happen periodically! :)

Sharan said...

its actually nice to have a bundled rampant day.. its jus over in 24 hrs!
btw.. my day was pretty much on those lines,as in i was brooding 4 a long time for not attending V's marriage & getting all nostalgic reading the group mails!..
& now reality hits with a flood of work piled on me:((((((((

Well i prove to be a CRIB QUEEN too;))

janani said...

@littlecow - Whoa! Atleast I didn't have things happening to me physically! A cooker bursting is something that I've been scared of since I was a kid. Yeah sometimes it never stops with one thing! :-( I want something niceeee to happen today! :-)

@sharan - I will join your club, i.e the not-attending-V's weedding one! :-( This is something we've been looking forward to for months. Neways you come home fast and we can see the snaps of the wedding and make fun of everyone. :-)

Arch Storm said...

ok...i think i am in shock..big project...lots of coding..numbers..and you are actually happy!??!!!??
god bless ur lil heart!

janani said...

@arch - lol! I can understand! But then it's just a year since I've started working and the work I've been doing till now has been pretty icky. That's why the burst of enthu for some decent coding work. :-)

subs said...

janani - can't u fall sick on the 17th..
don tell me u can't and u don have sick leave !
Thadi - u have to come -
ne yenna pannuvennu yenaku theriyadhu !

prabha said...

hey jan... pllll come dii... no excuses.. ethavathu pannu okay...

janani said...

@subs n pras - :-(