Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happeee :-)

Sister dear has made a job in her campus interviews and in the first company too! :-) The relief is overwhelming and moi is very proud of the little one. :-)

On the same note, congrats to K and P who are starting on their first jobs in Hyd and Mumbai respectively! :-)

And wishing V and her hubby marital bliss and joy and cheer forever and ever. :-)

After a gruelling test, interview and GD
It's time for H to celebrate and party
The air is filled with balloons, confetti and joy
'Coz V has hitched with her dream boy
K and P have started on new jobs
And started donning corporate garbs
The only thing left is a treat for the fete
And this you can do next time we meet!



MA said...

Nice poetry :)

janani said...

@ma - Thanks :-)

Subs said...

nice one di ..!!!
btw - Congrats to ur sis
- and to u too .. AND .. i want a biiiiiiiiiig treat !!

janani said...

@subs - :-) As for treats, you can contact H directly! :-)

P said...

hey jan dear! sure babe! see... i have access atleast to read ur blog :) ! feeling soooo happy!!!

janani said...

@P - You can access my blog - yaay! :-)

Anonymous said...

hey janai...tnx 4 including my name in a tiny place in ur blog...shows u hv a veryyy big heart....tnxxx alotttt


janani said...

@H - My pleasure entirely. :-) If you want, I can devote an entire post with your biography and jadagam! :-)