Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ten Things About Me

that you probably don't want to know, but are going to know if you read on further. :-)

1) It's very easy to make me cry

2) I like geeky people in general, but I hate it when people call themselves geeks and are proud of it. (Puhleez, geeks are at the lowest rung of the social ladder in many worlds)

3) I love wearing rings but I don't and I hate guys wearing rings

4) I obsess a lot about my hair

5) I alternate between a forthcoming extrovert and a painfully shy introvert

6) Whenever I pose for a photo, I smile so that all my 32 show and tilt my head to the right

7) I smile too much in general, sometimes people on the road have come up and asked me if we know each other

8) I hate aloo if it is the main dish but I like it when it is a part of something

9) I still don't know how RSS and feeds and all that work and I bookmark my favorite blogs

10) I like my left hand more than my right



k said...

hey i am surprised tht u didn't mention abt books and kamalhassan??

Sagnik Nandy said...

"geeks are the lowest rung of the social ladder!"
- true to the T :)

littlecow said...

then, you are a left-handed hyena? (but for minor details, it kind of fitted in well) :)

janani said...

@kalpana - i thought they known facts. ok to ppl who don't know, i love reading esp Wodehouse and i absolutely lovvee kamal hasan! :-)

@sagnik - sad but true! :-(

@littlecow - eessh! :-(
and hey btw unless hyenas also obsess their fur or whatever that they have, how dare you call 4 a minor detail??? *insert red faced angry smiley here*

Mukund said...

1) You love rings .. but you will not wear them and will hate those who wear them ..come on what is this ? This seems a little too much .... and without any logic.

2)Alternating between being an introvert and extrovert .... that is good analysis ... this happens to most people .... sad to read something about aloo along with this.

3) Smiling without any reason .... I guess you need to pay some attention to this :)

4) Liking your left hand more ... is it bcoz it is a little more lazy than your right :) ?

janani said...

@mukund - 1) i like it when girls wear them, i don't like "guys" wearing them! in fact i don't like guys accesorising in general.

2) some people think i talk too much while some feel i hardly open my mouth. actually i cry for the silliest of reasons, but for some cases like leaving college etc when everyone cries, i maintain dry eyes - yeah i am wierd! :-)

3) smile and world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone! but nobody smiles at me as much as i do! :-(

4) verrrry funny mister!!!!

littlecow said...

@janani: hyenas also obsess over their fur, generally laugh a lot but contrary to popular opinion (read: what i thought before), they make excellent parents and are very social (amongst fellow hyenas of course)

janani said...

@littlecow - i ssmilllee not laugh! eeesh, u smile a bit trying to be pleasant and ppl start comparing you (unfavorably) to hyenas! :-(

littlecow said...

@janani: nonono! hyenas are good... if you compare me with a hyena, i would be so pleased that 1)i will hysterically let out a hyenous laugh 2)rename my blog to littlehyenas.blogspot.com... so you see, it was a compliment from a moo... cheers!

janani said...

@littlecow - ok u little hyena u! :-) u are pretty socialble on my blog, i am sure you'll make a good parent and i am guessing ur laugh has a good ring to it - so shall i update my bookmark? :-)

and yes, thank you kind sir for your compliment! :-)

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Prasanna SV said...

I liked the arrangements of the ten things. It somehow made me smile at the end :-).
I am just reading your archives from the very first post. Yep. I don't have any work ;-).

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