Sunday, May 15, 2005

You know..

you are working on a weekend if:

1) You keep all webmail windows open always and click refresh every few minutes

2) You open a slew of sites that you don't open on weekdays just so that people don't think too low of you (eg. imbd, sify movies, this, this and so on)

3) You don't put you mobile on vibrate and take calls at your seat itself

4) You take inumerable coffee, tea, coke and general breaks - all alone!

5) You keep humming a tune

6) You compromise your lunch at the nearest Food World cafe, not having enough gall to lunch alone in a restaurant

7) You get the elavator very easily and to yourself so that it doesn't stop at other floors

8) You keep calling your roomie every half an hour and when she entreats you come back, you mumble phrases like "Loads to do" or "I wish I could, but I can't"

9) You call home just so that Amma and Appa fuss over you working too hard

10) You update your blog before six!


June-An said...

ah.. is it only during weekends??? Looks pretty much like the description of my weekdays too...

janani said...

@fadia - tats wot i do sometimes too, but shhhh! ;-)

Vetty Max said...

Updating my blog just before six happens whenever I go to office.

As for the others, no experience as I don't work on weekends.

janani said...

@vetty max - just to clarify - its not due to any misguided attempt at sincerity tat i post after six, it relates more to point 2! and as for working on weekends - i don't wanna start a cribbing session here!