Monday, May 16, 2005

I can't, So I am Not

Its two weeks since I saw a movie and so I can't post a review

I am not too much into sports and so I can't touch upon the Italian Open

I don't have a boyfriend and so I can't chronicle any sweet nothings

My friends are as dull as I am and so no wicked anecdotes

I don't have a swinging single life (I barely have a life!) so no party secrets for y' all

My head is filled with cotton so I can't think of anything clever

My day has been bad so no cheery soliloquy

And so I leave with a promise to be back with something better tomorrow!


Kempernorton said...

You need to imitate everything. Trust me.

Sharan said...

Think of people ard u.. u'll have loads to write!.. Observation is also an experiance!

janani said...

@kempernorton - huh?

@sharan - probably monday morn blues + the fact tat i have a sore throat.
abt writing abt other ppl - i can't make fun of them, whereas i can take a dig at myself without hurting anyone! :-) and observation is all wot i've been doing in my blog dearie! :-)

June-An said...

"My friends are as dull as I am and so no wicked anecdotes" ah... Touche... more than Touche I must say! :D

janani said...

@fadia - lol! wud be more than happy to write abt ur "wicked anecdotes"! :-)

June-An said...

wicked??? me? wot did i say now!