Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wheee! :-)

The reason I am going "wheee" is 'coz outgoing in my mobile has atlastttt been restored! :-) I was going "noooooooo! :-(" a week back when it was barred (for lack of submitting a document not for the reason that jumps to your mind!). After daily phone calls to Airtel Customer Care, lots of misdirections, some amount of haggling, lots of threatening, many mails to my HR, 3 visits to the Airtel showroom nearby, more haggling and threats face-to-face and a final call to Customer Care, my outgoing was restored! I feel like I have really earned it. Watch out world, I am connected now!!!

The last week was terrible - I had to rely on incoming calls totally for my quota of phone calls. And realization dawned that I made more calls than receiving! The worst part was I wasn't even able to give missed calls to people and trick them into calling me back. I wallowed in self pity the whole time, but now that I am back into the game, I don't care! :-)

A lot of people used this opportunity to make snide remarks at my mobile(yeah right, it was some fault in the mobile that kept me disconnected, duh!) and asked in a even "snidier" tone about when I am trading it in for a snazzier one. Granted, I own a lowly Nokia 3315, but I really like my phone. Been through a lot with it - in Bangalore, Pilani, Chennai and now in Hyderabad. Senti stuff apart, I have no complaints with my phone. Very sturdy and suited for butterfingers me - only recently I managed to get a crack on its pane! And I like the clear display on the panel so that I know by just looking whether the phone is switched on, do I have missed calls etc.

So for all you people out there who armed with "cell sengal" jokes - pbbbtttt!!!

"I've got the power hey yeah heh
I've got the power
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh yeah-eah-eah-eah-eah-eah
I've got the power"



kalps said...

hey jan... the best part of tht one week will b reflected in ur bill ;)

3315,3310 ki jai!!! :))

janani said...

yeah tat's true. but then on the day it got reactivated, my enthusiasm kinda got outta control! :-) so the savings will be quite minimal!

and btw my dear i was talking only about 3315. 3310 is still kinda neeche! :-)

Subs said...

Jan and Kalps - enuf of that phone .. Change it deeess ..
there are a loooot of them available now .. in cheap prices ..
ippo vaangina dhan undu ..
otherwise .. prices will rise again ..
wat say ???

janani said...

@subs - tat goes for u too my dear! :-) ur phone is just a lil better than ours thats all! :-)