Friday, May 13, 2005

Bad, bad server. No donut for you!

I started thinking about what to blog at about 5ish in the evening and opened my "create post" screen at 5:45 pm. The time is now 6:59 p.m and I haven't typed out two whole lines yet! :-( And the reason - orkut! Orkut by far is the worst time sucker, worse than even JoS and random blog hopping.

(For the orkut uninitiated, it is an online social networking portal. And yeah you can mail me for an invite.)

Some of my friends swear by orkut, they login the minute they get into office and are "active orkutters". This kind is easy to spot actually - their friends' list is bigger than 100, have more than 500 scraps and are a member of atleast 40 communities. And whether or not they keep in touch with the hundred odd friends, they are always on the lookout to increasing their friends list and add even the slightest of acquaintances as friends. This has happened to moi many times, people who wouldn't trouble themselves to even smile at me while in BITS suddenly want me join their hallowed list of friends.

And then the communities. There are about zillion communites about a billion things discussing the trivialest(is it a word?) of aspects. For example, for the sitcom Friends - there are about 8 communities discussing it in general, and then are few fan club communities *each* for all the main characters, and then communities for recurring characters like Janice, and the the regional "Iran Friends", "Friends in Spain" and so on. (Don't even get me started about Joey Fan Club Brazil and the likes!).

So you are asking me why I am a part of this whole thing if I obviously hate it so much - ah you caught me, that was the hypocrite in me who was doing the talking earlier! :-) Orkut is not totally bad actually. Occasional scraps help me keep in touch with the people I am not close enough to mail. And the communities are ok too - I just read a thread about Kamal Hassan's latest venture in his community and that was worth reading. And the occasional profile jumping to find out who is doing what, has provided for hours of lacha and sometimes even a credible means to verify gossip! :-)

(Flame first and praise next - when am I getting a Swiss citizenship? :-) )

My friend's sent me an invite to Gazzag and I am off to join it now! :-)


Sharan said...

sob sob!.... i wrote such a long comment about the prev post SMILEYS!... & when i press "publish".. what do i get???
No Donuts for u types... sucks Big time!...
well yet to read this blog... jus wrote a comment here to vent out my frustation.

Sharan said...

wilsome meez again... got tat comment posted finally! :))
Got my Donut;)

The very fact tat orkut has helped u to fill ur blog space for today... says it all... its indeed one important hub for we bitsians atleast!...I should say... Extinguishing Flames & Overwhelming Praise ...
Now dont get me wrong... i'm not an orkut freak.....shall we say... deeply devoted?!!!???!! hehe!

Subs said...

This is bad
No Orkut for me here ..
weep weep !!!
I will get a Hard Kuttu on my head if i ask for Orkut !!

Jan .. its ur fault - u refused to send me an invite - that time - when i had access to it ..
Remember ???

Now .. no access and No id also ..

weep weep ..

janani said...

@subs - bad luck this time better luck next time! :-)