Sunday, May 08, 2005


Hyderabad treats me well, specially during the weekends! My roomie K and I live for weekends alone, literally starting the countdown from Monday itself. My weekend begins at 11 on Saturday. Coffee in one hand, the Hindu on the other and the remote squeezed in the middle (defying all laws of Physics) I triple task for a while lazily. The movie section of the paper is scanned thoroughly, taking into consideration all kinds of theatres across the whole city and after much delibration, debate and analysis, we ALWAYS mutually come to the conclusion to go to some movie in Prasads(for which we would have booked tickets via the Net on the previous week itself). Then we hurry to take bath, get ready, throw together something for lunch and then set out for the movie. After the movie the obvious destination is Eat Street(an open air Food Court kinda thing overlooking the lake). There we always take a table closest to the lake, enjoying the cool breeze and the wonderful view(it has to be seen to be believed!) - aaah, contentment! We stay there for as much time possible and after a dinner in such wonderful conditions we trudge home unwilligly(well not exactly trudge, we take an auto, but you get the point right!). And Saturday nite there is always some movie like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai that keeps K occupied and I curl with some book that I haven't had time to read earlier.

Sunday dawns bright, clear and lazier than ever. Again coffee, Hindu(the Sunday magazine is an extra treat) and the umpteen countdown shows on various channels, with argument aplenty as to whether xyz movie deserves the first place its been assigned or not. Then there is this "week that was" extra long marathon show of Will & Grace, which I watch religiously, despite them being re-re-reruns and despite having watched them all the previous week. And then Hidden Hills and then "week that was" F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Bath and lunch are squeezed in between and sometimes an afternoon siesta too. Of course after a tiring day we can't be expected to cook dinner and off we go to one of the many restaurants we have "discovered" in the city.

Another glorious weekend come to an end! :-(

And in case you are wondering which movie I saw this weekend - nopes, we spent Saturday "family shopping"(that means shopping for gifts for your family back at home you pervert! ;-)). And did we go to Eat Street - yes we did, but left in less than half an hour due to crowd and other associated and non-associated reasons. And Will & Grace and Friends on Sunday - haha, I am in office right now. "Dinner outside?" you might ask - K is attending a colleague's wedding reception today! :-(

Well, as they say, "You win some, you lose some!"


Prabha said...

hey jan... I love this one :) ... uuhh... I feel like .. "Gone are those days..."

janani said...

@prabha - yeah!!! :-( u really shud have taken a job here! :-( but never will i forgive u for not letting us watch dhoom. grrrrr!