Monday, May 30, 2005

Naina - The Movie

I entered the theatre with some amount of misgiving as we had seats on the first row and also since people told me it was a remake of a Thamizh movie that flopped miserably at the box office. And I was pleasantly surprised at the end of it all.

The movie begins in London when young Naina loses her eyes(and her parents) in an accident and in that exact instant a child is born to a tribal woman in Bhuj. Naina grows up into a young woman who undergoes a cornea transplant and her eyesight is more than restored and she begins having strange visions. She meets up with a psychiatrist to discuss this condition and together they undertake a journey to India to unravel the mystery.

The movie introduces chills and thrills in the right places albeit without the usual garish background score. The cinematography is pucca be it the streets of London or hamlets in rural Gujarat and portrays the supernatural without the usual hoopla. And surprisingly it has a solid storyline with logic and reason woven in, for a movie that deals with the occult. The twist just before the interval truly surprises and the ending is very mature and complete. And the best part is the complete absence of songs - Bollywood is growing up!

Urmila Matondkar is brilliant as usual as Naina. Her frightened yet eager expressions when first opens her eyes to the wide world, the fear and desperation in the final scenes are near perfect. Malavika as Kemi the tribal girl remains etched in our memory though her screen time is short. Anuj Sawhney as the psychiatrist Sameer is one of the pleasant surprises - he pleases the eye and the intellect with the right amount of dignity, credibility and honesty. Certainly going to watch out for him.

Blood and gore has been used extensively in the movie and sometimes moves us to a point of disgust though the story doesn't require it at all. Kamini Khanna as Naina's grandmother is too garrulous and loud to be pleasant. London has no relevance to the plot except to perhaps satisfy the whims of "phoren" locales.

Verdict: Good

P.S. My roomie K wishes to make it clear that though she accompanied me to the movie, the views expressed here are entirely my own and she doesn't recommend this movie to anyone! :-)


sharan said...

Neat review(although baised i shd say!)
wats the original tam movie?

janani said...

@sharan - thanks :-) and will try to make my posts as neutral as possible (though i still don't understand y that review was biased and biased against what?) :-)

janani said...

@sharan - and the thamizh movie is adhu, starring sneha.

Subs said...

hey kalps .. thanks for ur comment di - i will surely not go and see the movie ..
i am happy that i was not the bakra .. ulike bhoot - remember jan .. how much u forced me .. and i didn't open my eyes or ears in the theater ..
but jan - a very nice review di ..

janani said...

@subs - hey this movie is not that scary! :-) seriously go watch it. even kalps feels its worth watching once. :-)