Tuesday, May 17, 2005


At the risk of sounding like a high school essay, I say "Man is a social being". I don't understand why acceptance is so important to everyone. In an odd way the society or the people around or whatever you call it, have a say in whatever you do. What is scary is that, the judgement always matters - a lot to most and atleast a little for the rest. The clothes we wear, movies we watch, books we read - everything is influenced. Take the recent attacks on Ganguly for instance - it took just a few critics, a few emails in bad taste to totally pan that man in public. Most of his supporters chose to remain invisible and the few vocal ones chose to sympathetic rather than defend.

I am not sermonising here, nor am I making murky proclamations like "You are not free" etc. I am not denying the existence of free will, I am just wondering at this universal thing. Yes it is universal, I know many people who project a "I-don't-ever-care" attitude - deep inside they crave for approval too perhaps from a smaller clique of like-minded people, but that need is there always. The blogging thing is proof enough for that - why write on the whole wide internet for everyone to see if your objective is only writing? You can't take the people out of the individual - Howard Roarke will stay inside the Fountainhead only!


Kaarthik said...

I guess you're confused :-)

janani said...

@kaarthik - yeah maybe! but i am not having another discussion abt ayn rand with u! :-) i shud have known, any reference abt fountainhead will drive to u comment. :-)

ck said...

Wow, I had a similar post in my blog and glad to know that I am not alone.

you can read it at the following URL if you feel like it.

I been reading your blog since morning. Are you suffering from "Too much happiness" syndrome :-)