Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Am I?

Of late my life seems to be changing. I am discovering a lot of new things about myself that is bang opposite to how things were earlier.

For instance chocolate. I was a chocolate lover and I used to say that out. Loudly. To everyone I met. I even had a theory that I would not go out with a guy if he didn't get me chocolate frequently. But since I came to the US, I have started moving towards peanut covered chocolates. The place I am doing my internship has an awesome pantry with hot chocolate (with marshmellows) and a well stocked candy jar. The only candy I take from there are Reese Peanut Butter Cups. And I sometimes scrap the chocolate off the top and eat just the chunky peanut butter. If I ever feel like buying chocolates outside, I buy peanut M&Ms. And I have taken to eating Vanilla ice cream, after eating ONLY chocolate ice cream (sometimes chocolate ice cream dipped in chocolate sauce) for the past 24 years. I don't seem to like chocolate so much any more. This is very distressing for me to say the least. Asking a guy to get chocolate on a date is romantic. But asking for a jar of peanut butter or Reese Peanut Butter Cups, and him watching me scrap the chocolate off and gobble the rest, is surely going to crimp my style.

It's not just chocolate. I seem to started to love shopping, even window shopping. All these years in India, I've never had an urge to shop. H had to literally drag me to shops. And even when I did go shopping, it would all be in one shop, and finished in 15 minutes - doesn't matter if I am buying a silk saree or night pajamas. In fact that used to be in USP to attract guys, that they would never have to wait outside a fitting room, carrying 15 bags, knowing there would be no dinner until shopping is done. And I used to hate jewellery of any kind. Amma had to drag me to the jewellers under false pretexes to make me buy gold. But things seem to have changed now. I seem to be shopping with a vengence now, as if to make up for all the lost years. Just yesterday I spent about $200 on clothes, accessories and other associated items. It doesn't help that I have to walk through the mall everyday to get home from the bus stop. Coming to jewelery, though I still hate yellow gold, I've discovered something wonerful called white gold - just as expensive as the yellow one,, but much prettier. And now I know why diamonds are a girl's best friend. I have about 25 new best friends now. It doesn't stop with just these. I seem to be addicted to grocery shopping as well. What used to be a chore once upon a time seems to be a magical time. I spend almost an hour on just the cereal aisle.

And there's more. Where I've sworn to never let my hair loose, I am now refusing to tie them up (thanks to a wonderful hair stylist who has convinced me I have great hair and taught me style it well. Here's a tip for all (or any) Madison woman reading my blog. Rejuvenation Spa on Mineral Point rocks, especially Jeanna for hair) I am wearing my contact lens to work on most days a week (This is an improvement, considering I used to wear them like once in 2 months when I was in India) I am hunting for a pink T shirt, where I've once laughed at H's pink salwar kameez. In fact when I was buying a tennis racquet yesterday (I am starting tennis classes next week you suckers!), when the salesman suggested a pink racquet, I almost considered it. Oh and before I forget, my bargaining and deal sniffing skills seems to have increased substancially (i.e move up from the zero that I used to be, to say 20%)

I don't know what to make of these changes. S seems to be convinced that aliens have abducted the real me and substituted it with a zestier fake. Amma is alarmed at the amount of money that I am spending (which they are sending from India for my "education") and feels that I am doing all this shopping just 'coz it isn't my money. And she want's me to lay off both chocolates and peanuts and start eating fruits instead. Appa either doesn't notice anything or if he did, is too scared to say anything. I am sure Paati will say this is the corrupting influence the West is having on me.

But I feel that I am turning into a woman. I used to be this distracted soul when it came to such matters like shopping or dressing up. So after a quarter century, my mind has grasped that I am a girl and should act and behave as one. What about the chocolate/peanut butter you ask? Well I think that's just to throw off my bf/husband and start an argument "You don't care about me" or "You've changed". Suppose he comes walking in on Valentine's day with a box of dark chocolate, I can just throw it on his face. Yeah, that sounds good.

This really is exciting news. Maybe I will soon start going "Awwwwww" when I see kids and not feel that they are a nuisance. Maybe I will even *gasp* smile indulgently when they start throwing a tantrum in the movie theatre. Well, maybe not that.

So the million people who read my blog, what's your diagnosis?

P.S1 Wanted to title this post "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar", but I was worried that I would scare away readers who think this is a real feminist post.

P.S2 Want to majorly uphaul the blog template. Any suggestions?


Juggernaut said...

diagnosis is "Americanization"

The new hobby of america is

The consumption rate of America is 107%

India (67%)

China (47%)

and so on!

As for chocolates and peanuts, well
every 2 off 3 Americans are overweight or obese.

gudluck :-p

janani said...

Sollitaar ba!

Obesity pathi ni pesade!! Hippo.

kaushik said...


seriously, why do females go so gung-ho about pink.

You also have to take up two other hobbies:
1. Talking about shopping, clothes, fasion, relationship, hollywood-hunks
2. Spreading rumors

Then the transformation will be complete.

Why do you have to walk through the mall to get the bus? Which one is it?

janani said...

Sometimes pink is pretty, but that's only sometimes :-) Well I guess pink sorta denotes female in all languages. When I try to buy something unisex (sport shoes for instance), I try to buy one that has a little pink so that people don't think I am wearing guy stuff.

Well I will give you one point, women do talk a lot about relationships and all. But I have to flat out disagree about rumors and gossip! In all the places I have been, schools, hostels and even here, men are more gossipy than women :-)

I walk through West Towne Mall everyday. The bus stops at Gammon-Odana intersection and I walk through the mall to get to my house on Mineral Point. .

kaushik said...

There are some good templates in blogger itself. Try to customize. They have introduced these widgets and you don't have to play around with the messy HTML...

Sandeep said...

Well...actually (hush) The change looks good!!;-)(hush)

But hey hey...take it as an ultimatum or whatever. Dont ever even think about your implementing your "going "Awwwwww" when I see kids"!!

Seriously I dunno what you hate abut your bf/husband's face. Mutilating it seems to give you so much pleasure!!

kaushik said...

Were you by any-chance on the route 15 today, and got on the bus near state street.

Of course, all I have is a twitter photo to go by...but I saw someone who I thought resembled that photo

janani said...

@sandeep - Well, the "Awwww" when I see kids is going to take a pretty long time I guess. But I seem to have become a kid magnet these days. Wherever I go kids have started following me.

@kaushik - I ultimately used blogger's template. But I had wanted something different.

And nopes that wasn't me. :-)

Deeps said...

OMG ... Whats happening to u jans ? ;)