Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When life gives you lemons, make Lemon Oorkai*

Greetings my gentle readers. How are you all doing? Yes, you, you and you. After ranting in the last post, I am going to make this one a nice breezy what's-up-with-my-life kinda post.

So I started my Tennis lessons yesterday. It was fun. It's a group class and has 5 other girls. Minutes before class, when we were warming up and so, memories of tennis classes at school came hurtling across and for a minute I was very very scared. Wehn I was 8 years old, Appa enrolled me in Tennis classes thinking I would grow up to be another Steffi Graf. And I was pretty enthused about the classes too especially 'coz my parents bought me a new racquet, tennis skirt, T shirt, wrist band and such. The classes beagan innocently enough. And I was the only girl in class. Also the only one who couldn't hit the ball over the net. Who was teased incessantly. I started sleeping in late hoping Appa would let me skip class. But he was still nursing Steffi dreams and so he would bundle me up for class every single day no matter how late it was. But that was a blessing in disguise since I would be made to jog around the grounds to warm up before starting which meant missing more class time. This went on for 2 years until I had a small health problem (totally not due to tennis) and the doctor said that it mighhtt be better to skip classes for a month. I grabbed onto those words and didn't go another class. And we used the 2 tennis racquets to play cricket at home.

There have been a lot of things that I have been wanting to do lately. I really want to take art lessons. I am not very good at it, but I am not bad too. I took glass painting classes in Hyderabad (it was just one class and that female charged 1000 for that!!) and Amma tells me that people have been complimenting my work. I want to work on my swimming and atleast get back to where I was when I was in school. I told everyone that I am renting a bike and biking around Lake Monona. But very embarassingly I slept in. I should do this sometime soon to redeem my pride. :-) I also want to learn a new language and I am auditing Beginning Spanish next sem. But considering I have a couple of tough courses next sem, I might have to drop this course. I also want to write more. Ever since S got me a journal I have been trying to write more and I wrote 2 poems in the first couple of weeks. But I seem to be dry once again. Want to write more short stories too, but unable to get beyond the starting sentences. As I was looking back on old posts I find that I used to write much better than now. Perhaps it had something to do with more readership back then :-) This is all for my personal todo list.

I have taken up a netflix membership recently and I want to rave about how good it is. Netflix rules. I am currently on a 2 DVD at a time membership and they are very quick to ship the next set. I usually get the new ones the day after they receive my old ones. Which is pretty cool. And also they have the "Watch Instantly" feature that lets me watch selected movies and sitcoms on an awesome the best online video player ever. The site is minimalistic and has everything you ever need. I recently took a Blockbuster trial membership since I pass by a Blockbuster store everyday and I thought store returns may get me movies faster. But I have been very disappointed with them. Their site is too cluttered and it took me a moment to find my queue. They don't offer any online viewing. And their DVDs take twice as much time as Netflix to reach me though both have centres in Milawaukee. So its Netflix all the way (atleast till I get back to school) for me.



kaushik said...

current readers-e kevala padutiye :(

janani said...

Noooooooo. You guys are my lifeline, seriously :-) I meant more readership. Like I actually had double digit comments :-)

kaushik said...

appona OK :)

Your stories were good. I liked the small girl going to school one the most.

Sandeep said...

Steffi Graf.omg......pls pls I am very bad at controlling laughter!!!...omg:-)))....okay okay...whatever it is we'll have the rest on phone!!

And just Slept in during the supposed 'biking day'? How can fyou orget the the "..in spite of someone giving wake up calls evey hour" part of the story??......Unake konjam overa teriyala???

Jinguchakka said...

Been thinking to ask this. How did you end up in Milwaukee from Raleigh?

Juggernaut said...

you call the waddling in the marsh with your opponents (alligators) as a game of tennis?


janani said...

@kaushik - Muchas gracias! :-) But I am surprised that you liked that story best. People gave me a lot of grief on that one.

@sandeep - Dude, let's have a tennis match when we meet, then we'll see who has the last laugh. Btw, I am totally kicking ass in my tennis class.

And yeah I forgot the part about how you didn't wake me up. You were supposed to "wake" me up, not just call and leave it at that. Cha, I should have blamed you for the fiasco.

@jings - Me in Madison WI for a summer internship. Is your mini US trip over?

@jugger - Sahikala

Jinguchakka said...

My mini US trip lasted all of 4 days!! That was gone in a flash, in May.