Tuesday, July 08, 2008

People We Hate in the Sitcoms We Love

As promised (albeit late), here is a list of people I absolutely in detest from popular sitoms (read sitcoms that I watch or watched)

Friends - This was the sitcom that had the most influence on me, the one that made me realize that I am hooked to sitcoms. Popular vote says that the most irritating person in this is Janice. But since this is my blog and all that, I say that Phoebe is the worst of the lost. She is the least unattractive, flaky and high maintenance too on top of that. I can't believe that Mike married her. So repeat after me here, "We hate Phoebe"

Everybody Loves Raymond - One of my most favoritesht sitcoms ever - I am just 3 seasons short of owning the whole series on DVD. I think I have to go with Marie on this. I know she is integral to the story and all that, but hate her. (Sometimes hate Ray too for being a wuss, but my final vote is for Marie)

Will and Grace - I had to think a bit for this one. H hates Karen Walker, but somehow I can never bring myself to hate her. The person I hate is a tie between Bobbi Adler (Grace's mother) and Tina (Will's father's mistress).

Frasier - Yet another "comfort" sitcom. Frasier never fails to cheer me up when I am down. In fact I am reading "So Far", Kelsey Grammer's autubiography right now. Ironically this is the one sitcom of which I don't own a single DVD (Hint hint ;-)). I can't think of any particular person to hate, so I am going to go with Aswin and give the title to Lilith.

Cheers - I started watching this mainly to understand the "Cheers" comments in Frasier. Ted Danson is brilliant (which is why I started watching Becker) But I am not able to choose between Diane, Carla and Cliff. All the 3 aer irritating in their own right. Since I hate permed hair, I think I am voting off Carla for having the ugliest kind of hair on top of being nasty.

Drew Cary Show - Mimi for obvious reasons. No more discussion

That 70s Show - Another hilarious show. I spent a lot of time watching this show when I should have been doing my homework. I guess that explains my GPA :-) And I like both Jackie and Eric. But I do hate Michael's brother, the Kelso who dates Donna. (I think Donna is pretty overrated, especially when she leaves Eric. But nah, don't hate her)

Three's Company - I hate Chrissy! I know all you guys like dumb but hot blondes and thats the premise for a lot of humor. But I've always felt that Chrissy was taking it too far. In fact I liked the seasons in which she was replaced with Cindy.

30 Rock - One of the best comedies that's on air right now. So it's kinda tough to find someone to hate, but I think I do hate Frank. The dumb caps, lazy drawl and slobby looks don't get any love from me.

Just Shoot Me - Another sitcom I started watching 'coz I liked one of the stars. I love David Spade and I kept watching 10 Simple Rules even after Ritter's passing just for him. But this sitcom totally failed me. I like office humor and all that, but this one was too silly to click for me. Spade was brilliant though! I think I hate the main character Maya Gallow the most. I can't stand her too thick eyebrows, hair that's not dyed from the roots and her holier-than-thou attitude. I tried for 2 seasons, but still hate her.

We are talking about sitcoms and things we hate - my two favorite topics. So I cold go on and on and on. So having my readers' well being in mind, I stop with these.

So gentle readers, I now leave you with lots of people to hate. So hate away and send me a little blog love (read comments)


Juggernaut said...

nethu varaikkum "chitthi","anni","kyon ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" pathundu irundhava....US vandhadhum periya english serials thaan paapa pola....


janani said...




Go read all this! I have been watching sitcoms for years now. Unna madiri vetti dan chithi lam paakum! Proves that you are only layaku for potti kadai.

kaushik said...

oh! you sure are a sitcoms junkie :)
I havent seen as many sitcoms as you have...
but for me

Friends: It has to be Rachel. She is such a pain. And I just love the Monica character.

T70s Show: I don't hate anybody. Although, I sometimes can't stand Eric's mother. My favorites are Steve, Red and Kelso.

Fraiser: There is no one to hate in this. I can't stand Fraiser's agent, but episodes with her are hilarious. And I can't stand Bull-dog.

I have to start watching the others that you have mentioned in your post.

But for a couple of other sitcoms that I have seen

Seinfeld: Again cannot think of someone to hate. Think of it, everyone is such a freak in the show, and that is why it is the best.

HIMYM: This is something that I have been watching for the last two years. I dont like the Lily character.

Been wanting to watch Cheers. I have seen a couple here and there on Star World. Need to rent the DVDs.


janani said...

Yeah, people are usually surprised at the amount of TV I watch. :-)

I agree with you on Seinfeld. I guess a normal person should hate George, but I find him the funniest! And I don't hate Lily on HIMYM though she is overrated sometimes. Cheers is pretty good. But I like the later seasons when Diane is out and Frasier has a bigger role

Sandeep said...

Ippove ipdi na i cant imagine whats gonna happen when ther's a TV at home!! Her's my roster:

Seinfeld - Dunno if you've seen this episode but i absolutely hate Rava though her boyfrined is kind of funny!

HYMYM - I hate Lilly.Period. And Barney runs the show.

Just hate Maurie and I just cant explain how much i like Frank.

Arthur in King of Queens is just too much to bear.

And jan about your GPA adan kadaisi sem la kalakitiyte aparam enna!

Jinguchakka said...

When are you coming to India?

I want some DVDs (Hint! Hint!)


janani said...

@sandhu - Nakkala! Obviously I've seen that Seinfeld episode. Dude, I am the sitcom guru, don't try to match your feeble skills with me :-) Yeah I am not particularly fond of Rava too. But then she is just a guest star. Well, I am double minded about Arthur. He is pretty disgusting sometimes. But he gives a lot of laughs.

@jings - Hehe :-) Adu nala dan, nan ipodaiku India varada ille

Juggernaut said...

not a surprise that you are watching a lot of TV.....andha peter party nu pattam vaangitta..... the average american college goer watches 28 hours of TV every week!

way to go!

Juggernaut said...

btw....nee thaandi potti kadai, beedi kadai..... nee irukkum ooru pero "Cottage Grove", translate panni paaru

"Gudusai kaadu"....anga nee beedi,tea vitthundu thaaney irukka .... lol lol

janani said...

Yeah ni pakada Youtube! Po po.

And Madison pathi kindal panrathuku munnadi, ni enge iruke nu pathuko. Almaden lam oru ooru. Ange ni beedi kadai vechu nadathu, nalla sales agum.

Fathima said...

oh my God! Do u really study ur text books? Do u have the tiem for it?
Tell me ur semester results

Anonymous said...

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