Wednesday, June 11, 2008


With another tag, thanks to Sasi. So let me start the tag (without the usual cracks about how I am back and the usual promises of being regular)

The tag asks us to state 5 previously unknown quirks/facts about yourself

1) I love watching movies in theatres, but can't stand watching them on TV/laptop. I guess I am a movie theater buff rather than a movie buff. I can watch the worst of movies onscreen and come back with the satisfaction of a $8 well spent. And you could show me the best movie on the laptop and I would still walk away after a half hour. I think my brain is wired to have an attention span of just 30 mins (which would explain why my netflix queue is full of sitcoms)

2) I've had my 30GB ipod for 2 years now, but it still has just 2GB of songs and videos on them. And the only ones I listen to are about 500MB (S.Ve Shekar and Crazy Mohan dramas every night before sleeping) And to think I was soo pumped about getting an ipod. Now I am all gung ho about iphone 3G. But I think I will hold back this time :-)

3) I hate wearing my hair down. It has to up in a pony tail. I mean I have nice hair that would look good if I take some effort every morning (blow drying it upside down etc) (And to all you people waiting to take a crack at my hair, I was told that I had beautiful hair by my hair stylist and she refused to let me straighten it or perm since "it looks so good naturally". So there!:-) ) But somehow I never let it down unless it is dripping wet in which case I had something to tie it back in when it dries.

4) This might come as a shocker to typical Indian mindsets, but I hate yellow gold jewelery. Yup hate it. But since I am girl and all that, and my husband needs to have something to buy me when he wants to make up after a fight, I love thin white gold chains and bracelets (preferably with diamonds on them :-)) I know this is nothing strange by American standards, but if you attend an Indian wedding you would know.

5) This might sound hypocritical, but I don't like many of the Indians in the US. People tell me that they usually feel good to see a familiar brown face in a black and white sea, but not for me. I don't speak for all of them, but a lot behave in a disgraceful manner. Like stealing a bunch of paper bags from bakery aisle of the grocery store (which is meant for taking a donut or a muffin if you are buying one), tipping badly (or not tipping at all), bringing loud and noisy kids to a movie and so on. I understand that most of you are here to make money and I don't mind if you want to skimp and save, but that doesn't give you the right to leave a dollar bill as a tip for a $30 dinner. If you don't want to pay for a babysitter or are squeamish about hiring one, then please take a netflix or blockbuster membership and don't set foot into the theatre. And the America bashers, I really have no words for you all. I miss home too and I've written about it too. But I don't go around saying "Americans don't have family values like Indians" and so forth. Though they might leave home at 18, they are not the ones to leave their family behind and travel half way across the sea to make a few bucks. There is so much more that I can talk about, but I think I will stop with this for now. The usual disclaimer stands - I know I am not talking about ALL the desis in the US. There are sizable exceptions (I like to think myself as one too). And I am not saying that all Americans should be kept on a pedestal too.

So after 4 strange facts and one mini rant, I think I am done with the tag. And since no-one reads this blog I don't feel the need to pass this on.


Jinguchakka said...

I have stopped checking even my blog, leave alone visiting yours. Something told me to visit today (thittAdhe, I even had to think to recall your url). Good to see your post. Makes me think of checking mine, and perhaps (too ambitious)coming up with a post.
Anyway, a post about NRIs is still in the mind!!! muahaaa. The tables are turned, this time.

Jinguchakka said...

Hey, I apologize. You have 6 posts this year. It's my fault for not checking.

janani said...

Hey Srini!! :-) Glad to have one old reader back. Dude I remeber your url and check your blog apo apo. So update it soon!

And one thing remains the same, still hate NRIs ;-)

Jennifer said...

Came upon your blog by accident. Like this post. I give you a lot of credit for using a public forum to say what lots of people say behind backs but don't say otherwise.

I have a story to add.. here in my town there are a bunch of Indian groceries. Most of the rent movies. SO, the shopkeeper told me a story. She loves American customers because they don't try to bargain or pull seniority tricks or get out of paying for rentals. An [Indian] lady in an expensive BMW is her customer returning a movie- more than a few weeks late. She doesn't just argue against a late fee but refuses to pay the original 1$ fee for the rental. The shopkeeper asked her if she'd treat the situation the same if she rented from Blockbuster. She is I believe trying just to sell off all her movies now as this pain is not worth any profit she may be making off the movies....

But then too I have known Americans who have been curious to learn Hinduism by entering the Hindu temple, but when asked kindly by several people to take off their shoes (as they already passed the shoe room, the sign to remove shoes are are in the temple hall with shoes on...) they get really mad and rather than just go put their shoes in the shoe rack, they actually leave the temple fuming mad!

Heavy Bottom Humayun said...

Yo! Dont ever say "no one reads my blog" again!
I check your blogs regularly and have read all of 'em.Yea! all of 'em.Though its been ages since I checked mine.
Never been able to comment cozz the comments section somehow gets firewalled and gives me the "Access Restricted" finger.
(Yea, always read from office. Timesheets full pannanum illiya??)
I'm drawing out plans to revive my blog in a months time.
Keep writing!
Atleast for this one reader ;-p

Heavy Bottom Humayun said...

Oh! and yea, forgot to add... I totally agree with the desi attitude abroad. I've been witness to so many incidents involving these people in Singapore, sometimes I feel terrible when I think we come from the same country. Yenna pandradhu.
We really should learn a lot from the westerners. Atleast basic courtesy.

janani said...

@jennifer - Why am I not surprised by your story? Yeah I understand that this goes both ways. Recently in Chicago, while we were dining at a restaurant on top of a tall building, we were refused to be given a table by the window though my bf had insisted on it while making the reservation. I don't blame them for thinking they would be stiffed 'coz this is the message that Indians give all over.

@hbh - Yaay you are back! It's nice to know people still read me. And I totally get you about filling in timesheets ;-) So start writing soon dude, I am sick of seeing the "Old Wine New Bottle" post :-)

Sandeep said...

Dunno how i missed this post!. And don't really get me started on the desi attitude. Its true that sometime back i was talking crap like they're also like us coming here to make money but seeing some of them behave, (bringing kids to movies is a classic example)i've also started to hate the mass!

The only place I seem to tolerate their antics is Indian restaurants coz there my attention will be focued on more important things!