Friday, March 24, 2006

Meet the Sitcom Junkie

I have always believed in the magic powers of chocolate when I am down but last night I discovered the depression-relieving powers of sitcoms that can really revive your dead brain and put it back to sleep as you don't have it use it all. I came back from work zonked and switched on the TV and plonked myself on the pile of beds that serves as a couch. "A Simple Life" was happening in Start World, where Paris Hilton and another bimbo try to make some bucks interning. This was followed by the extremely entertaining Scrubs which always reminds me of The Wonder Years because of the voice overs (talking of which, Wonder Years DVDs anyone? Lend it to me please!). Then "8 Simple Rules to Date my Teenage Daughter" came on and I knocked myself out giggling for all that silly humor that I quite like. More giggling followed with Less Than Perfect, The Drew Carey Show (again DVDs anyone?), Seinfeld and Friends. Which makes it three and half hours of uninterrupted TV viewing!

I just lourrrvee these funny shows on TV. Yeah they are shallow, silly but I really like that kind of humor replete with the studio laughs. I think it all started out with Small Wonder - the show about this family with a robot daughter. H and I used to rush home from school to catch it on time. Soon we added The Wonder Years to our routine (this isn't a sitcom, but we loved it anyways). Then there was Blossom, Boy Meets World and so on, but we never liked them all that much. And since we aren't restricting ourselves to sitcoms, do people remember Giant Robot? Giant Robot caught every kids fantasy those days. And the Japanese soap Oashin, if I remember right, they never finished it! :-( Then Junoon, Swabhiman etc happened, but I am not getting into all that. :-)

Then I rediscovered the joys of sitcoms with Full House. All thanks to H who got me hooked! Zee English aired many good ones like Friends, Seinfeld, Mad About You, Three's Company and few others I quite don't remember. I used to watch and watch the reruns also during my vacations at home. Seinfeld was brilliant and I fell in love in Three's Company(DVDs absolutely needed - S, are you listening?). During college my access to TV was limited and we made do with Friends on our computers.

Hyd happened and once we bought a TV I got my roomie also hooked to these sitcoms so that my needs are guaranteed. :-) Friends, Will & Grace and Caroline in the City used to be my staple diet every night. And then the Monday laughs on Star World - Everybody Loves Raymond, Becker, Still Standing, Grounded for Life, The King of Queens etc. And Whose Line is it Anyway and Drew Carey Show make my mornings more eventful. But the schedules keep changing every month these days. Some shows I especially miss are Three's Company, Dharma and Greg(Greg was soo handsome), Mad About You and That 70s Show.

God save the guy who marries me - his TV viewing is screwed! :-)


Jinguchakka said...

Cool be! I too like the series Friends, Drew Carey show, Everybody loves Raymond etc. Other shows I don't follow. My room mate is into WWE stuff and so I am into net. His TV, you see! :-( Junoon's Kitu Kidwani!!Hmm....It's tamizh dialogues were also famous for the botched way they were delivered. I never knew that all those English serials except for Friends were aired in India. And mail me your address, will ya? I remember the Giant Robot too. I think Fridays at 4, right? Or was it Saturday? long as you are not into Tamizh serials, your guy has nothing to be afraid of.

totti said...

How about Family guy and South Park? South park might be too edgy though :)

janani said...

@jinguchakka - I think that Junoon thamizh came to be recognized as a different dialect altogether! :-)
There are lots more of these sitcoms and other English stuff aired these days - thanks to Star and Zee. And I don't exactly remember when Giant Robot was aired, but I do remember we used to wait for it eagerly.

@totti - Nopes those aren't aired here as yet. I see so many guys and only guys raving about South Park - what is that all about? :-)

harini said...

heyyy ya full house is a g888 one! n its ok u neednt thank me soo much;);)...its my pleasure! n i love friends too...from my 4th std(if i rem rite)or mabbe 5th??not sure...but anywaz i rem how we both used to rush home to catch used to be on at 4 in the evening...n school used to leave at 3:20 n we used to cycle home as fast as we cud to catch up with small wonder!:)...

ligne said...

hey, I just rediscovered cable tv too..
am subletting a room in a house..and these guys have cable.. so I was tbs.. all the reruns of shows I have missed.
used to love giant robot.and oshin..and all those other things you mention.

lately been hooked to dawson's creek.

janani said...

@ligne - Ahh another kindred soul! :-) TV rocks I say. :-)

janani said...

@H - Ooops my bad H.

Yeah Small Wonder used be great.It still comes in Str Vijay in thamizh I guess - you can catch that after college now! ;-) Then it turned to Full House.. Sitcoms rock period