Friday, March 17, 2006

So How are You All Doing?

Disclaimer: People who look out for meaning or wit or anything of sense in this post can leave right now. This post is just a useless update on my life, which might be repitious if you know me personally or boring if you dont'! :-)

Work has been killer. Lots of minor and major irritants of which I am not going to talk about 'coz people in my company are gradually getting to know about my blog. I don't mind shooting long mails cribbing in detail about my problems though, so leave your email address in the comments box. :-)

To add fuel to the fire, my firefox is acting strange these days. It simply refuses to load pages most of the times. This is forcing me to use IE and I simply hate it. I have a feeling that it might be some extension that is causing this problem, but I have so many that I can't figure out which is playing truant. :-( Anyone else facing problems?

And the songs in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu are amazing to say the least. Especially the number called "Manjal veyil". My only grouse is that thalaivar hasn't sung any song :-(

Ok I guess my life has been pretty uneventful. Wanted to write about the time we went out for lunch and few other things too, but they kinda fell flat when written. :-) So its tata for now!


Jinguchakka said...

Blogging doesn't play by any rules, does it? So why bother what is written should be meaningful or not?
And you have my mail ID. Looking forward to your mail! :-)
Tried Mozilla?
yeah, un thalaivar can sing well! anbe sivam was good. and many others too!
And who is living an eventful life,may i know? Everybody is in the same rut.

harini said...

my god ur cribbing makes me feel really nervous to get into the corporate world in a few a happy girl enjoying my coll life as of now:) dont say such things n mk me scared!!!:)

Mukund said...

On the fuel part in your post, I also face the same problem in Firefox. Gmail refuses to open up for me in Firefox. I guess some JavaScript setting is the culprit.

BTW, if multi-tab browsing is the main feature you are looking in Firefox then you might want to try IE 7.0 which supports tabbed browsing.

More Info & download here -

Haven't tried it yet ... let me know how it is.

janani said...

@jinguchakka - Await your mail! :-)
My mozilla is what is screwing up! :-( Kamal has a very distinct voice that should have been used for VV.

@h - Enjoy your col life while it lasts!:-) Trust me it is much better than the life you are about to enter.

@mukund - FF has been very strange. It is not just tabs (though it is one of the main reasons). I have got used to the various nifty extensions like bugmenot, del.ici.ous and session saver to name a few.

Vetty Max said...

Try listening to Neruppu Vaiyinil from Puthuppettai...Kamal is just awesome.

Somehow did not like VV songs much. All of them sound familiar.