Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Of Books Read and Other Trivial Happenings

I finished The Kite Runner last night and I absolutely recommend this book to all those who read. I love the narrative style of the author and it is long since I read a book that actually made me feel. The neat descriptions of Afghanistan, their people and their customs is enough to carry the book totally, but the book also has a great storyline and excellent characterization to boot. So if you can get hold of a copy, please do read it. I wish I had bought this book instead of borrowing from a friend. This book totally lived upto its great reviews. But a book that disappointed me recently is "Catcher in the Rye". This book is on the favorites list of so many people on orkut and blogger and I figured numbers don't fail. But it did and miserably at that. The book that rambles on and on and on without meaning or sense or anything and I really wonder if bad grammar and wild behavior are enough to catapult a book into the limelight!

Today we had a meeting and there was so much nonsense in it that I feel like running away. Maybe developers shouldn't have a say in the requirements, sometimes life is easier if the requirements is just fixed. And when PLs try to prove a point to the manager, it is the rest of the team that suffers.

Last evening I got caught by the Hyderabad traffic police for the first time - for not wearing a helmet. Usually they are a chivalrous bunch and never stop girls and certainly not two girls on a bike! :-) But since my papers were in order I escaped a fine/bribe and was let off with just a friendly rejoinder to wear a helmet always. We were on our way to Eat Street to celebrate a birthday and much fun was had by all. :-)

So long folks.


Jinguchakka said...

Tell me how did you get the time to read the book? You make me jealous. It's quite some time since I've laid hands on one! :-(

You heard nonsense in a meeting for the first time today? Surprising. All meetings are manure production plants.

yeah, It's us menfolk who are fleeced by the cops. Gender bias.

Vetty Max said...

Catcher in the Rye seems one of those extreme books, people either just love it or totally hate it. And I have never gone even close to it.

And Hyd police stopping a bike with two girls???? Thats a first.

Heavy Bottom Humayun said...

Anyone read "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" and still alive?
The problem with getting caught by cops is, once you get caught, you sense you'd get caught every time you go out after that.
Anyways, looks like your life is a lot more eventful than mine. Visit http://whatiteeez.blogspot.com and you'll feel immortal.

janani said...

@jinguchakka - Oh I can always make time if I want to! :-)
Yeah atleast in Hyd, women are never caught by the police. :-)

@vmax - Trust me, you do well to stay away from it! You might want to avaid "The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night Time" too - it starts out very similar way.

And me has never been caught before by the police! :-( And even men who have girls sitting behind them escape sometimes.

@hbh - That book has been gathering dust on my bookshelf for months. The only reason I bought it 'coz that author was visiting Hyd and I got the book signed by him.
Oddly getting caught once makes me feel like I never will again - it feels like my turn is over! :-)

ligne said...

will check out kite runner..
and hey do you want to write on my book review blog?

janani said...

@ligne - Yeah I would absolutely love to! Where do I sign up? :-)