Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Was Away 'coz ....

When I am not blogging I could do a lot many things
Like scour the skies after growing a nifty pair of wings
I could be doing something real too
Like coding and scripting to give my job its due

I could turn to charity doling out care and love
Spreading happiness around like the proverbial dove
May have even found a new hobby like tennis or cricket
Might be spending all my time to learn and excel at that

Perhaps I was bitten by the love bug always doing the rounds
Spending my days with lover boy and domestic bliss abounds
I could be bitten by something else too, possibly a rabid dog
Lying in a hospital bed unable to access my blog

I could have left for a vacation to a far off untold land
Where the internet is unheard of and mails are written by hand
Or could be making a movie on starting a blog and keeping it
My time could be spent on trying to make it a super hit

There could be hundreds of things that I could possibly have done
Like running or working or even basking in the sun
But in fact there is just one reason for the all posts you don't see
I am pretty, clever, witty but also very lazy!!! :-)


harini said...

welcome back to blogging after a long time girl! n i shud say 'wow'...tat indeed was a cool poem...nice work!:)

Jinguchakka said...

You write abt being a dove or playing cricket
And having a "loverboy" sounding like your pet
Could've the dog become rabid after it bit you?
And on that count, could its owner sue?
In poetic licence call yourself pretty; we'll agree
But the fact is your return makes me happy and glee!

- lol! Couldn't help but try my hand! :-))
Anyway, wishing your blog many more
returns! :-))

janani said...

@h - Nandri hai! :-)

@the dude - Now your comment has stolen my post's thunder! :-) Back thanks to you dude, hope I keep coming back though. :-)

ligne said...

all in all good to see you back :)

ck said...

you surely made up for you absence. cool poem.

janani said...

@ligne and ck - Many thanks! :-)

Subs said...

Aaha .. Kilambitaya .. Kilambita ..
Nice Poem Jan !!! :-)

Casablanca said...

And that was a great way to come back!

Of course, blogoholics like myself, cant ever understand how laziness comes in the way of blogging, but then, I'll take your word for it ;)

janani said...

@subs - Hmmm nelamai!!! :-)

@casa - Not all of us are as gifted as Casa! :-) Think of this as an extra long writer's block. :-)

Amrita said...

good thoughts, and see u are actually blogging about it all. go ahead and do post which things u actually when u did not blog.