Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thought for the Week

and for the rest of your lifetime! :-)


harini said...

wow! where r u getting such profound thoughts 4m?:)...anywaz lovely quote!!!

Jinguchakka said...

Good one.

janani said...

@h - Not my own, this is Jerry Seinfeld's. :-)

@jinguchakka - :-)

John Galt said...

Reading your blog, I am sure that you are from PSBB.

janani said...

@john - Interesting! :-) Yup moi is from PSBB for what it is worth.

Btw I really hope you liked my blog as well as PSBB and that's why you assume I am from PSBB. :-)

totti said...

I think it is the baby shower party elaine throws for leslie :)

indianpeppone said...

Another sitcom maniac....glad to know u

John Galt said...

Your blog is interesting. That is why I took the time to read it. :-)
I am from PSBB myself. There is no way I will not like PSBB.

Jinguchakka said...

Is it post for the week or for rest of our lifetime?
Post girl!

Some poetry please!

janani said...

@totti - Woah, your memory is great! :-) Yup I did check, it is indeed from that episode.

@indianpeppone - Same here and welcome to my blog :-)

@Jo aka John - That's cool. Do I know you btw?

@jinguchakka - All in good time my friend :-)

John Galt said...

Nah, there is no way you will know me. I am probably 5 batches older. And am from Main school. You from KKN?
I have no idea where the Jo came from in that post. I definitely did not type it.

GettingThere said...

Just stumbled upon your blog accidentally (followed a link to it actually). Like it. Especially the line at the bottom of the page :D