Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Blog is Born

Diamond words strung along
In a pretty pattern make a song

Bigger words thrown astray
Mightier and more profound is an essay

Words can also be spoken by men
A play is what happens then

Sometimes the words can go on without close
This distinguished form is called the prose

I can talk of people and how they live
And that my friend, is called a narrative

Stories in short with words just a few
Are fables that gave Mr Aesop his due

Throw in some rhymes, and frills and lace
Then poetry stares right into your face

There are the sonnets, ballads, limericks and more
And dramas, their epilogues and tales of yore

But when you write something that into no category will fit
Just call it a blog and publish it! :-)


Vetty Max said...

Ha ha ha....very very true atleast in my case.

But you do write good poetry from time to time.

totti said...

Poem to start the day!
That's not bad at all i say! :)

janani said...

@vmax - Coming from your mouth, I feel very honoured. :-) Thank you kind Sir. :-)

@totti - It's actually a poem to end my day and not start. :-) But anyways thanks. :-)

Jinguchakka said...

{clap} Wah Wah!! Back with a bang. Cool poem, Janani. {/clap}

Kaps said...

most of our blogs will not fit into any category and hence we have no other option other than to call it a Blog.

good one!

sundar said...

hi janani,
found this blog of yours just today. bookmarked :).

janani said...

@jinguchakka - :-) Thanks!

@kaps - I guess this can be a description of a blog - stuff on the net! :-)

@sundar - Wow thats cool. Keep visiting :-)

Rohan Kumar said...

Beautiful ur sure have a way with words dont u :)

janani said...

@rohan - Thanks! You've made my day. :-)

harini said...

nice poem..or hey wats this?? a song,or an essay or mabbe a play??or hmmm... a prose,story or a dram or limerick??? hey watssss this??it dosent seem to fit into any category;);)
watever it is its damm gud!:)

janani said...

@harini - It's a blog baby! :-) And if you say something is "damn gud", I am not going to argue with it and so damn gud it is. :-)

Dinesh said...

Its very true what you say,
I agreed with it all the way.
Poems aint born every day,
This one here's made my day.

hehe...was trying my hand at rhyming.
Good poem ! Keep it up.

A novice blogger,

Rohan Kumar said...

I do that as a side business on Thursdays ;) (making ppl's days i.e.)

janani said...

@dinesh - Awww! It's comments like these that take the windo out of the main post! :-) Thanks. :-)

@rohan - My days need to be made everyday. So c'mon, expand your side business a little! :-)

Eroteme said...

Nice one! Really does capture the spirit of blogging!! :-D Since you already got the "damn good" from your sis I have nothing to offer... ;-)

themoon_goddess said...

hey janani(or shud i call u akka),
this is nila, harini's classmate and friend. Your blogs's pretty cool and ur poem rocks! Keep it goin' girl!

Eroteme said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Akka!!! :-D

janani said...

@eroteme - Since you didn't say "damn gud", no donut for you! :-) And none of my sweet "thanks" too! :-)

@nila - Hi Nila. Please drop the akka, you can call me Janani. :-) And thanks for dropping by, keep coming back. :-)

@eroteme - Pbbbbbbbtttt!! :-)

Eroteme said...

I stopped eating fungus laden doughnuts long ago!! Happy eating!! :-p Prrbbbtttthhhhh

Anonymous said...

Hey thtz a gr8 post! Jan.... I never knew u can write kavidhai ;)

janani said...

@anon - Hmm! :-) Lots that I don't know about you too - like that the fact that you write anon comments. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your words are like little kids jumping up and down in frolic. Cute, lively, and playful!

janani said...

@flame - Thank you so much. :-)

beissirissa said...

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