Tuesday, August 30, 2005

If You are Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands

Me is back in Hyd after three happy days at home. Oh yes I had a good time, thanks for asking! :-)

Salient features that were noticed (arranged strictly in random order) :

1) Chennai rocks period

2) The amount buzz you generate at home is directly proportional to the amount of time that has lapsed since you previous visit. (Once upon a time, when I used to visit once a month I was expected to lug my own luggage and find my way home from the station. But this time I was offered to be picked up even though the arrival time and place was shaky as I took a bus)

3) Shopping is definitely "funner" in T.Nagar than in any other place anywhere else especially if you are with sister dear who is endowed with good taste in clothes (if not like like same same taste as you) and you have a Scooty Pep to zoom along and if you stop for chaat at Hot Chips on the way.

4) Amount of stuff you bring back from home >> amount of stuff you take home

5) I haven't used the words "salient features" ever since I discarded social studies in Tenth std.

6) Every train is endowed with lot many creeps and one of is sure to land in your bay. (The creep in question started talking to me in Bengali initially and kept ridiculously remarking that I look like a Bong. Then he took out a box of tobacco, rolled it with both his hands and chewed on it. Immediately after that he asked for my India Today and thumbed it without washing his hands. And despite my monosyllable answers to his prying questions directed at the book in my hand rather than his face, he shamelessly asked more questions, shared info about him very generously and lost the flimsy shreds of dignity that held on to him)

That's all folks! :-)


Jinguchakka said...

Had a good time in Chennai? Who asked you? (gripe, gripe and more of it!!). I fully endorse to your first point. And so, you finally zipped around in your sis' pep! I do remember some comments of her down below. :-) And you would've brought back lots of snacks to munch. Isn't it? (4th point). And as for your last point, in that whole big metro with 45 lakh tamilians you have to find a Bong!! lol

Barath said...

Chennai rocks?


Rohan Kumar said...

Ah nostalgic moments from home sweet home and vagaries of travelling in Indian trains do indeed combine to make a great post :)

Vetty Max said...

You went by bus from Hyd to Chennai? :-o

Agree with 1,2 and 4...no experience with 3 and 6.

This post has made me homesick. :((

janani said...

@Jinguchakka - You are supposed to have asked me how my trip was! That is supposed to be a mild rib at my gentle readers. :-) And yeah my sis threatened me with dire consequences if I refer to her bike as just a Scooty. :-) I bought stuff to eat, new clothes, old clothes that I left at home last time etc etc.

@barath - Hear hear! :-)

@rohan - Visits home are always blogged no matter what! :-)

@vmax - It was one hell of a journey. Never going to do that again ever!
3 is for women and to experience 6 you need to travel once with me 'coz I have this knack for attacting wierdos to my bay. :-)

Sidewinder said...

'salient features'????? ...That was good!

And yeah chennai definitely rocks! I too love T.nagar and i go there every weekend (:p)!

nyway it was good to hear tht u had good time in chennai!

Fathima said...

I back the second and fourth points a lot. I went home after 2 months this time(usually, its monthly once visit).

And this time, my bag during return journey was too heavy that I broke one handle and my hands r still burning;-(

Eroteme said...

In short, you liked the Bong? You seem to have created a list of "good" things and you included this one, so I was wondering!!
What did you do with the India Today? :-D
Chennai rocks? :-o THAT is news!!

Uncanny as hell (though there really isn't that much uncanny about hell) I was humming the same song since morning! We used to run through this song way back in school and I realised that advertisers could find great jingles and "clickers" by watching kids... Great song, nice advt.
Oh yeah! Nice post! ;-)

janani said...

@sidewinder - "Salient features" seem funny now don't they! :-)

Somehow according to me T.Nagar seems to be the centre of the city - I judge locations by their proximity to T Nagar. G.N Chetty Rd has so many hip joints!

@fathima - Oooh! Bag handle breaking etc used to be a big problem when I was in college. We used to stuff out suitcases and bags with things to last 6 months and since there used to be a break in Delhi to reach Pilani, invariably something will break.

Take care about your hands.

@eroteme - They are just the "salient features" not nice things! :-) Trust you to come and make a statement like this. :-)
FYI I hated that Bong guy. And I didn't open that India Today after that, I left it in the train itself I guess.
Chennai rocks big time dude! :-)
And it is a catchy song. It surprising that they chose a kid jingle for a product that is not meant for kids. But it's turned out well nevertheless.

>>Great song, nice advt.
And great bike too!!!! :-)

Sagnik Nandy said...

doesn't home just rock - ROCK????

janani said...

@sagnik - The home part is always fun always great and always beyond comparison!

Adaengappa !! said...

Adengappa !! Miss u chennai!!

janani said...

@agengappa - Me tooooo! :-(

Btw that's a grr8 screen-name you've got! :-)

Vinesh said...

Enjoyed reading this post. I too had similar experiences with travel recently.

Salient features - last heard in some Geography or Civics class in school! :-)

And hey, Orange Juice is back in supply. Thanks so much for your support on my blog!

totti said...

I miss Hyd! My room-mate is just back from his trip to India. And, his dejected looks speak volumes. lucky for him he returns in december!!

janani said...

@vinesh - That's great news! Keep the orangeade flowing. :-)

@totti - Hyd's a great city too. It's a year now since I came to Hyd and I love the city.
And its a pity about your roommate. I guess visits home from abroad are more far in between.

harini said...

i just LOVE pts 1 ond 3....those two pts totally ROCK coz....any guesses??(sorry no treats 4 the right guess):):)...ans: i m involved in those(bad one there..anywaz pls bear with it:))...n hey i think my PEP is becoming very famous on ur blog!! gud..like tat!:):) u see xtra publicity never hurts(even if its only 4 my PEP...grrr)