Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So How Are You Doing Today?

Ok the title is a rip off from Will & Grace (Jack's magic act). But my blogging is on the decline and I thought it was time for a this-is-what-is-happening-in-my-life post. :-)

On the work front, things have gone down from "crazy" to just "lots of work". I had my first weekend off in weeks and made merry. Microsoft had their annual party last Saturday and D very graciously invited me and gave me company the entire time - Thanks D! :-) The party was like all other company parties but with a lil more granduer ('coz it's Msft you see! :-) ) The highlight of the day was the dance by all the directors and some/all their wives. It was in very good enthu and really seemed to shatter atleast a teeney bit of the sense of bureucacy.

And yes, Moi has now got a private means of transportation. My first choice was

but finally I settled on this! :-) Drives beautifully and me is happeee! :-)

The coming weekend is also a long weekend and if things go as I have planned, me will going home after 4 long months! Wish me lots of luck and less of work! :-)

So how are you all doing? :-)


Jinguchakka said...

Great to see a new post from you. You going home? Hey, I envy you yaar. Even though there's little work, they (Mgt) are not giving me any leave. :-(

Vetty Max said...

Cool...congrats on the bike and hope you have a great weekend at home. :)

totti said...

Are you planning to go home on the bike? :p..bad joke..i love the train rides..esp the ones from Hyd to chennai..chennai express and charminar!! i too envy you! have fun!

janani said...

@jinguchakka - Yup me's going home! :-) Neways I am not taking any leave, Friday's a holiday 'coz of Krishna Jyanathi. My mgt owes me a lot of comp off for my "hard work" in the past few weeks! :-) Will be using them within a month to take a even longer break at home. :-)

@vmax - Thanks! :-) It will nice to be at home for a festival.

@totti - I wouldn't mind going home on my bike - right now I am in loooourrrvee with it! :-)
The train journeys are fun if you are travelling with friends. They are horrible if you are alone though, esp the Chennai Express. You get on at 3:45 p.m. and boredom stares at you in the face until sleep takes over. :-)

MA said...

Nice bike indeed.
Going home!! lucky you.

Eroteme said...

I would NEVER settle for that!! :-o
No Merc, no moving out of the house!!! ;-)
BTW, 4 months? Someone is fudging around with number? ;-)

janani said...

@ma - Thanks! :-) Me is going homeeee! :-)

@eroteme - lol I'll wait for you to get your merc! :-)
I am NOT lying. I last went home in April. :-(

Fathima said...

First choice and what u settled on! How nice it wud have been if it was the other way round!

harini said...

ya ya...cute bike....come homeeeeeeeeeee baby!! ill take care of u there...ill make sure u DONT touch my bike....dont even dream abt it...:)

janani said...

@fathima - Oh yeah that would have been more than just nice! :-)

@harini - C'ya tomorrow! :-) And lets see about using ur scooty. :-)

harini said...

excuse me..but a small correction..its not just a scooty..its a brand new,sizzling,hot,cute,hep,fabulous,attractive,elegant scooty PEP:)..u get it babe?:)