Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Different Strokes

Working in a software firm is fun. Especially if you have the time and energy and inclination to analyze the people who work there. Of course you can observe people anywhere, but it's more easy in this case since s/w techies spend 23 and 1/2 hours out of 24 at work and since you are one of them too and since brains do not co-operate to working continuously you can have some fun on the sly. Or if your company blocks IM you can analyze people. :-)

The most common category which is the majority in almost all companies is the Bored Bachelor. Most of them would have relocated from their hometown and are staying away from their family. They look for houses which are very close to office to save money and time on conveyance. They don't have a life outside work and so spend every awake minute in the company - working or working or working or playing TT or working or having free coffee and Cola or working. They are the kind who try too hard - to impress managers, PLs and psyche hapless co workers.

The True Nerd is a smaller category that is sometimes confused with the above. They are geeks at heart, swear by Slashdot, know all UNIX commands by memory and play with GreaseMonkey. They can also be found always in office but mostly contributing to some open source project or checking out the source code of Google. It is not that they don't have a life, but their life (un)fortunately revolves around computers.

The Social Butterfly is another important kind. They usually dress to kill and have a jaunty air about them. When they open mouth, foot gets inserted automatically 'coz they try to funny always. Despite that there is always a crowd around them (mostly of the opposite sex) who genuinely enjoy the company. They flirt endlessly and enthu is their middle name. They are usually responsible for introducing some semblance of fun in the company.

And how can I forget the little HomeBodies! They are ones who are staying with their family. The first thing you notice about them is the huge lunch dabba they carry with them to work that their mother/wife has lovingly packed for them. They come on time to work and try to leave early (but not always, c'mon you have to give moms a chance to boast to the neighbours "My son/daughter works soo hard. The boss simply can't do without him/her."). Any dinner plans or party has them raising objections that they can't go home late or drunk or both. These mamma's boys/girls are sometimes Bored Bachelors as well, but they don't have a choice to stay late 'coz folks will be worried at home.

Lot of other categories like Giggly Gigli, Dude-Straight-From-America, Pervy Perverson come to my mind, but another day another post. :-)


MA said...

I must say the analysis is perfect!!
I fit so very well in the Bored Bachelor category, living very close to the office ,found mostly in office working, working, working, playing TT, having tea......


Jinguchakka said...

No IM!! cool. Same pinch. lol. I am one among the Bored Bachelors. Your post is fun. Looking forward to read about Giggly Gigly (I am curious), DSFA ( I know this type; lol) and Perky Perverson(!! tell, tell!!).

Rohan Kumar said...

Which of the neatly defined categories do u slot urself in? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Janani,
Nice compilation....
Nice post.....
Altogether had a nice laugh reading it....:)

Mukund said...

Good analysis.
Really pity the Bored Bachelor ppl. I definetely fall under that. But, why do they psyche co workers ?

Raj said...

Great Job! Unfortunately, I don't fit into any of these. I'm a bachelor but not a Bored Bachelor and a little nerdy but not a True Nerd.

Sidewinder said...

hahaha! were do u fit in??

janani said...

@ma - Bingo right on spot! :-) Have some pity on your colleagues. :-)

@jinguchakka - No IM can be such a pain at times. But I must confess I get more work done without IM. :-)
Very proud to admit you are a Bored Bachelor? Get a gf soon, a life will follow. :-)
Depending on my mood + response I will probably extend this post. :-)

@rohan - Oh I am not any of these fully. I am a unbored bachelorette, I have a pretty decent life outside. :-)

@Swapna - Hye thanks. :-) Keep coming back.

@mukund - Hmm yeah I guess you are a Bored Bachelor basically + little of a Homebody. Your kind psyche out others by working too hard and finishing tasks too ahead of schedule as a result of staying too long in office. :-(

@raj - Thanks :-)
The onus is on Bored rather than Bachelor. If you ain't bored you ain't the first category. :-) I am guessing you are a True Nerd but don't want to admit to your geek status fully. :-)

@sidewinder - That's the beauty I don't fit in anywhere. :-) I am an Unbored Bachelorette who is cool and nice and all that. :-)

Subs said...

superb post . i am wondering what i am ? i might fall into that " little HomeBodies " category - but i don bring lunch from home .. i also come on time to work and leave early everyday - coz of which my mom keeps telling my sis in wipro ( who comes very late everyday ) " why don u try for a job in her company - looks like there is very less work - she comes home very early everyday " :(

amma aathula irukale nu velai yellam chamata seekaram mudichutu pona - indhalam vera keka vendiyadha iruku .. yellam yen neram :(

mmm - i can also fall into that " Bored Bachelor " stuff - but of those that u had mentioned - i do only one thing - that is playing TT :)

neways - i enjoyed reading it !!

btw - Wish u a very happy B'day Jan !!

Fathima said...

Analyse abt me!
I am staying away from my family, in a hostel which I found very near to my office. I don't spend 24 hrs in a office though.
I play TT at times.
I bring eye pblms to a lot of ppl by wearing bright dashing flashy colors, which sometimes necessiates a color shade glass(Similar to Sun glass;-). Is something like that there?)
I remember a lot of IP addresses as such for a lot of systems.Sorry for the guy who invented the concept of DNS names.
If I don't reach my hostel soon, there will b a pblm.

Fathima said...

Janani, bday? When? Many more happy returns of the day!

Eroteme said...

General post!! You should have had a category of "Simbly Lost"

janani said...

@subs - Bored Bach paadi Homebody paadi kalandu seida kalavai nee! :-) You should always listen to Amma 'coz that is what is good for health! :-) I remember that Wipro thing though, your mom used to tell me also. Good you don't take a lunch dabba though. :-)
And thanks for the wishes. :-)

@fathima - I guess you are a bachelorette who is unbored and a bit of a Social Butterfly too. :-)

And thanks for the wishes. :-)

@eroteme - All that and more in a sequel to this post. :-)

Mridula said...

You sure lunch dabba is packed by a loving wife or mom? In my experience it is mostly the cook.

Anonymous said...

First time on your blog....Fun post! Can't wait to read the others. :)

janani said...

@mridula - Yeah you are right. But I guess the focus is on the dabba! :-)

@flame - Hey thanks! :-) Keep visiting. :-)

harini said...

firstly 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'...so how was ur day??hope u enjoyed it? i missed giving u ur b'day bumps:)did ya get any b'day bumps there??hey ppl here dont seem to know its ur b'day today..dont worry...i m here to spread the news:):)anywaz hoping n praying tat the year ahead is filled with success n happiness 4 u!

Shiva said...

hmm.. nice post... could actually catgeorise people in my office based on these diff.. sections. enjoyed it.. but u will have to come up with the second post to be fair.. :)


littlecow said...

Good one!

Point 5 said...

...hmmmm...my friends always claimed that all techies fall only into one grp - "bored bachelor" ..now I sure know which grp they fall into...

janani said...

@harini - :-) Thanks. All stories when you come home from collge. :-)

@shiva - The second post coming soon! :-)

@littlecow - Thanks :-) When are you cmg back btw?

@0.5 - Oooh the lies that techis say. :-)

Jinguchakka said...

Came back to the comments section a bit late. So, my belated wishes that you have lots of happy reruns of your birthday!

janani said...

@jinguchakka - Thanks! :-)

littlecow said...

*clears throat*
littlecow is back!

Viewer said...

Well categorized !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey..This is really cool.. I did a similar analysys when I was at work (or rather when I didnt have work).....It was not in the SE field but never the less an MNC with all these cateogoris n more....Good stuff u have here!! :) Happy New Year!

ck said...

I can't wait to read your take on 'Dude-Straight-From-America'. I am in US now. can't wait to see how my fellow dudes are faring in India.