Friday, December 11, 2009

Yet Another Sleepy Friday Afternoon

Since this blog has long lost its credibility and well written pieces, I thought I might as well make a bullet list of things on my mind right now.

  • People who complain about bad roads in India, should drive in Madison in winter! Seriously, they can now give stiff competition to the mud roads back there. The slush and ice are driving me nuts and I feel like I am traveling on a maatu vandi. Atleast back home, your brakes don't stop working.
  • In the same vein, could someone just take all the snow away? I am sick of it already and it's just December. There's about 3 feet of snow sitting pretty on my patio right now. My body is built for Madras - wearing even one sweater is a big deal for me. Oh I wish I lived in Florida.
  • I've realized that I wear yellow gold earrings, a white gold diamond ring (thanks S), a platinum ring that somewhat resembles a wedding band (thanks Viji Athai) and a sterling silver chain. Nothing matches! I think I would do well to get a new set of everyday wear jewelery - preferably from Tiffany. Wow this is far cry from the girl I used to be - who hated jewelery of any kind.
  • A watched phone never rings. You can add this nugget to the treasure chest of wisdom that I have bestowed upon all readers over the years. And also a constantly refreshed mailbox, never gets new mail.
  • Despite not being a Christian, I love Christmas (Disclaimer To Appa : Except the Jesus part of it. I still firmly believe in Venkachalapathy) Well decorated trees, beautiful ornaments and gifts! What's not to love about it? I really wanted a tree at home this year, but then no-one visits me. And it would be pretty sad to throw a Christmas party by myself for myself. But I have been playing Secret Santa at work though. It's been a fun week, finding small gifts at my desk each day. And all so beautifully wrapped. All my gifts have been going in store bought gift bags.
  • I wanted to write something about Super Mario Galaxy, but people are telling me that there' are too many obscure references to Mario in th blog. So I will refrain from talking about it. Except to say I only have 18 stars left to capture before I finish the game in entirety.

That's all folks. Have a rocking weekend!


kaushik said...

Its too early for me to hate snow. I love it in December, miss it in January when I am in India, grow comfortable with it in February, get irritated by it in March and hate it in April. :)

Harini said...

i am also rooting for a platinum ring u see ;) ...n also also i wanna hv a christmas tree n decorations..its soo lovely to see those in ppl's houses !!!

P.S: y do u keep getting the abv spams of late?

Jinguchakka said...

your blog has not lost any credibility. Just viewers. That you can regain once become regular.
Let's have one post a week target and push each other, what say?

P.S: Get rid of the captchas. No use. Seems spam can still find a way in to your comments box.

Janani Sundarrajan said...

my namesake..i always love reading your blogs..keep going...

P.S: ur in FaceBook too:)

Janani Sundarrajan

Janani Sundarrajan said... from chennai too..born and raised there....came to NY as a student, got married to my boyfriend and continue living in NY..miss Madras too....

wierd but true

Subs said...

oye - ippo epadi iruku - still snowing ?? u shud be enjoying that ..send in some pics ..
" the girl who hated jewellery of any kind " - all that is looooooooooooooong back ...remember ur hyd/bang days .. indha kadai lam inga vendam .. ;)))))
Secret Santa - reminds me of our Chris Mom and Chris child - that we played during colg days .. i still have those gifts dee :)))) those days were fun ..