Thursday, December 03, 2009

Of Rambles and Such

So I am back to the US after an awesome 3 weeks in Madras. Trips going back home are always nice, but when you have to leave it is such a gut wrenching feeling that leaves (or atleast me) questioning why I left in the first place. It was no fun that I had to come back alone, which led to a lot of sobbing on the flight while watching movies that were even a wee bit emotional. Again, my resolve is strengthened about moving back to India in another 4-5 years, when I can finish paying off my education loan.

Madison seems more desolate now than when I left it. Probably due to the sun disappearing at 4pm. Just coming back from India, coupled with winter blues has made for a very depressed Janani. (Yeah go figure, I have even started referring to myself in the third person) And it doesn't help at all that it started snowing today - enough to cover the grass.

What's the point of this post you ask? Just to inform kind, gentle readers that the author of this blog is depressed, restless and lonely. My mother is of the opinion that I should make more friends at the Indian store, temple and so on. So if you see a crazy female at these aforementioned places handing out a flier with name, age, occupation, orkut profile, facebook profile, twitter page etc you know that it's your truly.

Since this whole post it a rambling mess, why don't I just write more to make a huge rambling mess. Like I tweeted (or twittered whichever the right word is) the only thing that was holding my interest was Super Mario Galaxy. But since then I have defeated Bowser and rescued the princess, I am not liking the Purple Coin comets! I want to buy Super Mario Bros, but S has become kanjoos lately and is refusing to buy it for me, nor is he buying it for me (unless it's a secret gift that he is bringing along with him when he coming home tomorrow) S's bro B, has greatly insulted me by laughing outright when I said I like Mario games, but he assuaged my ego by telling me that no-one's Manni plays games on the Wii and so I am redeemed and elevated to starry heights in Mannydom. I told B that maybe if I owned a PS3, I would play games of worthier mention, but like I said before S has become kanjoos and it's become more and more difficult to pry money from him. I suspect his recent konjoosness has stemmed from knowing only now, how much I actually owe in education loans to the bank, my father, Viji Athai, K and the pakkathu veetu nai kutti. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he heard the total figure I owe and I quickly reminded him that since we were married and half my debt is rightfully his. Add to that 2 car loans and the amount we owe is quite staggering. Hmm, maybe it is time to cut down on the Starbucks lattes and the Wii games I buy and then immediately dislike.

In other news, I have started positively disliking tv since coming back. I do not attribute this to Adithya TV and Sirippoli TV in Madras. All I am saying is that I am bored of watching rererererererereruns of sitcoms. This is also why I need a PS3, so that I could watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia from hulu on TV. Also I am now taking sitcom suggestions from commoners (that you!) If you do recommend a show and I start watching it and like it, you could go down in history as the person who actually recommended something to the sitcom queen (or sitcom junkie, I prefer queen) So suggest away you lesser folk!


kaushik said...

If you are so bored, you are welcome to drop by for dosa and a coffee :)

Try British sitcoms...they are fun...

H said...

u shud prob hv hidden the full amt details from S...tat shud hv helped u in not mking him kanjoos...u r the reason now ;) ...n also also its getting dark at 4 here also...n i hateeee it :( ...

sitcoms..well i know i am not a queen in tat..yet! ;) ...but of late i am LOVING scrubs and the king of queens..i am driving ppl around me crazy by watching these 2non stop! :)

janani said...

@kaushik - Thanks for the invite :-) Will surely take you up on coffee and dosa. We could have a Madison bloggers mini meet :-)

Yeah I like Coupling, but other than that haven't watched anything else.

@H - How about sending some "pounds" here? ;-)

King of Queens is awesome. Scrubs is good too, but somehow never watched it continuously

Nimmy said...

Hey Janani,
Welcome back! :) I c u are supreemely bugged about coming back.. when u have time gimme a buzz! we can catch up on old times and new!! :D 7033953333
and about sitcoms.. how about "House"?

Jinguchakka said...

Hi J! How about prodding me to start the activity we discussed. Maybe you can come up with some high level project plan (you can be the manager)